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Thread: Optimal Strategy for Primus Invasion (iOS)?

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    Optimal Strategy for Primus Invasion (iOS)?

    For the past few months Primus Invasion (iOS please, as Android and Galaxy servers have different formations as well) has changed as I noticed that while it was rather easy before if you played both rounds to be in Top 60 and even Top 10, but that is no longer the case. It seems more luck that anything else these days to be in Top 60 which is what I personally find a minimum due to the rewards. Also in the past we noticed that with a certain strategy and fleet formation, playing both rounds you could almost each PI be in the Top 5-10. What changed the past few months?

    Well I had a table as I did check especially for Round 2 what planet gives which kind of fleets, meaning the amount of normal ships and primus this way a few planets would receive more ships (meaning you could kill more) and others would give more primus (meaning you would be able to score more damage). That table worked fine and playing both rounds I typically found myself within Top 20 (even did a few times Top 3). The last few months this is not happening anymore and as such I started to look at it again, and the formations changed per planet.

    That means there has to be a different strategy to score better as these days I mainly find myself within the Top 100-300 and that is not what I really want. That means, either I have a wrong formation for Primus Invasion or I am not sitting on the right planet? I would like to know how you all are doing in Primus Invasion, but iOS only please. Thank you!
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    From the moment when overpowered commanders have been massively released and a single fleet built around Caroline + knous can kill a primus without problems, the whole primus invasion saga lost it's competiviness component.
    Right now the only possible strategy with invasion is to beat as much primuses as you can.

    Here is a possible algorithm:
    1. Use Caro + Knous.
    2. Pump up Caro's dodge to the max
    3. Add Dor/Brian/other Crit chance boosting commander
    4. Help with Louise with delayed firing of the special
    5. Complete the set with Kate.
    6. Most important - wake up few minutes before server reset, rush to invasion interface ASAP after reset and jump on the planet that will encounter most primuses during the whole session.
    To be in top of the damage scoreboard one needs to deal with primuses, not with escorts
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    The same thing can be said with Rick and Knous too.

    It used to be if i could get into the queue early for the first session (like within the 1st 5) i would get a pretty top 60 results with just leaving on the node (doesn't really matter which). Now, it's changed, i get better results with me late getting to the nodes (about 50 or so).

    The damage dealt by Primus Invasion escort fleets also seem to be less deadly. Some of the lower level/force abandoned accounts i try out (cubit farming), are able to survive much longer, if not just the whole session. This would imply that more players' fleet can live through the various waves, which could mean that the total damage is spread out over more players (as in like the Primus are spread over more players, instead of being concentrated in the few who could survive). If i remember correctly, in December 2017, the top 5 damage would be nearer to 20B while currently in January 2018, the top 5 damage is nearer to 10B.
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