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Thread: Buying Galaxy Lord, Rick or Ghost Horroc. What is best for my fleet ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightbolt View Post
    Yesterday I started to write more or less this, but way more confusing .

    - Take out Fedor as Pliusomiot said and put Fitz. This is a cheap change, where you'll rely on combination of Raksha+Louise to survive and Louise+Fitz to have several specials often. You can have Raksha with one Armor III and 2xEye III. This for me is the most difficult combination to kill when Kit doesn't activate 4/5 times in a row.
    - Take out Raksha and put Fitz. Benefit of the same combination Louise+Fitz and have the combination Louise+Fedor to have some extra dmg without dying your ships. This would benefit most with a lot of Eye's III in every commander, to make Fedor special even more effective. Also having stardust r7 in Louise to ensure you keep your ships protected most of the time.
    I haven't seen this bro!?!!?

    How you can input more than one Eye III on one commander when no attribs are elevated in input of those second Castors in Manoinwar cabin slots..!??

    I tried more combinations than anyone and haven't seen that more than one and the same Lvl 3 equipment works for one commander in double the force (say, C EyesII x 2, results in just One Eyes II attribs calculation)!
    If this is possible then T4 needs to make visible attribs calculations when implementing Shield Lv II, III or Eye lv II III in the same commander..!

    As far as up until now I haven't seen this resulting in more than one Eye force usability!??

    Correct me if I'm wrong...
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