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How come the assigned Tier is irrelevant when you need 3 times more Aerosidet$#%$ fuel to fill in Tier 3 of the MC...!?
Doesn't level of force from Tier 1 to 3 considering Tier ore upgrading result in significant force improvement of the commander!!!?

& since that is the case than it's logical to conclude that Eye3 in Tier 1 IS NOT irrelevant to having the same in Tier 3 !

Btw "The Stack" effect, is the case only for the Eye, and not for, say, two lasers Tier 2 and 3 !!
Well, I did not consider the somewhat temporary state of not having all Aeros of a commander completed. I have done Aeros for some time now and therefore did not consider that condition. If you have completed all Aeros and equip one Legendary Equipment of each slot color it does not matter any more.