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Thread: North pole Trade Station

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    North pole Trade Station

    Am unable to buy Rangers since a week, Redeem button is being greyed out am able to buy everything except Rangers and especially now after season ending am desperate. Is it a bug or ???

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    I suppose you refer to redeem station of Galaxy League?!

    Depending on the final rank in previous season you have a lot of the redeem currency available. I suppose you have consumed the maximum of 30 Ranger Chips during the season and therefore it is greyed out now.

    E. g. I purchased 17 Pandora Crystals during the last season which is 17 x 1200 = 20400 redeem units. 30 Ranger Chips are 30 x 500 = 15000 redeem units. So I suppose that's the explaination for your observation.

    In previous seasons the consumed stock data has been reset in between due to software upgrades or other issues with the game. You could probably purchase more Ranger Chips than.
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    Ouch i guess am stuck, Thanks a ton mate for always helping out I guess will wait and plan.

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    The redeem units will carry over to the next season. For you to use
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