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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Empire Headquarters - Medal Archive


    Medal Archive has been added to Empire Headquarter recently. This new feature offers another place to use medals - in this case blue, purple, golden and red medals. Like Augmentation, Manoinver's Cabin and Medals improvement it's not obvious at first glance what the benefits and costs of that feature are as you can see only the benefits from first level improvements. And tap4fun does not put their cards on the table, either.
    Based on personal improvements and some extrapolations I will still try to give an overview what you can expect from Medal Archive.

    Medal Archive Overview

    Of the five color classes of medals which reflect the power of a medal you can use the four most powerful in Medal Archive: blue to red. Within Medal Archive you can lock medals in single-medal combinations, two-medal combinations and 3-medal combinations. Locked medals are consumed but can be fully recovered. Additionally each combination gives Honor Points for each consumed medal which unlock small percent boost. The following table lists the sub-areas of Medal Archive and the corresponding Honor Points:

    Frame Color Medal Archive Honor Points per Medal
    blue Empire Star 1
    purple Bravery Battle 8
    gold Full Scale War 50
    red Ultimate Honor 90

    MA Main Screen.jpg

    Unlocking and Starring-up of Medal Combinations

    Whenever unattached medals and medal combinations of that medals are available the corresponding sub-area of Medal Archive is marked with a small yellow dot. All combinations must be unlocked first, then can be starred-up to up to 6 stars.

    For two combinations - one with silver medals, one with gold medals - I could unlock and star-up completely and get a picture of the trend of the attributes boost. The costs for unlocking and starring-up are constant.

    Star-Up Chart.jpg

    This is the graphical representation of the table:

    Star-Up Chart.png

    As you can see the lines for starring-up the analyzed silver and gold medal combinations are not linear although the costs are. That means you get the best attributes boost from unlocking a medal combination. The higher you star-up a combination the lower is the increase of the affected attributes.

    Conclusion: It's better to focus on unlocking first and then starring-up.

    Medal Archive Costs and Benefits

    For each sub-area of Medal Archive you need 88 medals to unlock all combinations. To star-up all combinations of a sub-area you need therefore 616 medals (88 x 7). So 616 silver medals (blue frame), 616 purple medals, 616 golden medals and 616 red medals.
    Assuming a player collects all blue and purple medals from free sources and pays Credits only for golden (1k) and red (2k) medals completing the whole Medal Archive would cost 616 x 1k + 616 x 2k = 1.85M Credits.

    Using the extrapolated factor of 5.3 from the combinations I could star-up completely I extrapolated the complete attributes boost for a completed Medal Archive (last line is the sum of the colored lines representing the four sub-areas):

    Medal Archive Full Boost.png

    A finished Medal Archive additionally gives some percent boosts similar to League of Heroes.

    For the static attributes a good comparison metric is Manoinver's Cabin:

    MC Compare.png


    Similar to the recently analyzed use of medals as equipment the benefits from Medal Archive are quite expensive compared to other improvement areas. Other than Augmentation material and Dark Aerosiderites the better medals of golden and red quality are - except for some really rare lucky moments - not available for free. Also Medal Archive competes with medals as equipment. Therefore investing Credits into Medal Archive is recommended mainly for players who have completed Augmentations, Manoinver's Cabin and other areas with better cost-to-effect relation.
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    Thanks Nachteule. Good use of the graph to find out what is worthwhile, unlocking or star up.

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