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Thread: Game Not Compatible with Phone

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    Need help

    So I had a problem with my phone last week & had 2 factory reset it. After I did that I tried installing Galaxy Legend Tap4fun on my phone & it tells me game isn't comparable with my phone. When I had this problem in the past I had 2 install some other things from the play store before I could get game 2 download, but I don't remember what I did. Now I need help because can't play game otherwise:-(

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    Game Not Compatible with Phone

    Installed some things from play store in past 2 fix. But can't remember what I did:-(

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    If Android make sure ur google play and play store are updated I guess, not sure tho if that's the solution.

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    You need at least recent Google Play Services installed. (I know from a rooted test device I used without all the Google bloatware.)

    At your own risk you can allow to install from unknown sources and download the APK from one of the many APK repositories and install it manually.
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