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Thread: Commander Focus #37: Ghost Horrock

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    Commander Focus #37: Ghost Horrock

    Ghost Horrock
    Soul Drain
    Vertical attack, plunders 50% Accumulator from targets and then deals 180% S-ATK damage. At the same time, it has a 50% chance to cast a weakening effect on targets which get hit so to decrease all stats by 50% for 1 round. At last, increases 100 Accumulator for self. Note: The weakening effects doesn't work on Primus.


    Hello, Commanders.

    In this week handbook we are going to discuss about Ghost Horrock (GH). Well, sometimes first impressions are changed and GH proved this to me in the game. When I first saw his description Rick was very new in the game and, as I told all of the Galaxy, I believe he is one of the strongest commander of all time, so Horrock didn't make me feel very impressive. He is skill is definitely no bad; it is the opposite of that, his skill is really impressive. Let's analyze it: first, he has 180% modifier in his special and that makes it a strong offensive attack; second it can plunder acc, so, at the beginning of the battle he may plunder 65 acc against most of the commanders at high level and sometimes he can hit even 3 enemies, making the plunder becomes a crazy 195 acc (ouch!); he also has a 50% chance to cast the same curse as Azrael and this is what made me not give him the value he deserves, as I focused on this chance that is not high.

    Offensively his special is nice, but as I'd probably not be able to augument him high in the beginning I decided that this would not be decisive, for now, for me to decide to spend my credits on him. As I fight the strongest players among top 50 in the league and on CCC a not very well augumented commander normally can't make a good offensive difference. This is not the case of most of the players, so, even if you can't augument him very high you'll have a good attacker that is not a striker. In my case I needed to take in consideration, also, that I don't have the ts52 or ts56, so my attack and s-attack on him would not be good against my enemies. In my opinion it was better to save my credits and keep Brian on the team to be my support. Well... after fighting the ghost pirate I've noticed he would be a better support in most of the cases, but, I'll give more facts for my conclusion in this article.

    If his offensive power would not be that great IN MY CASE, I would be able, at least, to use him to remove the enemies' acc to deny their specials, but, again, IN MY CASE, that would not happen in many situations. Harrock can plunder 50% of the enemy's acc, so a normal commander with 130 acc would be left with only 65 acc, but Harrock gives 25 acc when he hits the enemy (at least most of them), so the final result would be an enemey with 90 acc and not able to fire special. Although, I fight many times against SS or Dark SS commanders with 155 acc in the beginning of the fight, so after Harrock plunders their acc they would have 77,5 acc + 25 acc = 102,5 acc. This can obviously reduce the enemy's fire power, but is not enough to avoid him to fire special, so I thought I could survive without this benefit.
    And the last part of the special is the 50% chance to curse. I played with Azrael for some months and I know how good that curse is, but I also know how it can disappoint in many situations, so I didn't get very excited about it.

    So, my first impression about Harrock was that he is definitely strong, but not a must have, so I decided to pass, although, after fighting him a lot I can tell he is definitely a pain in the ass and I definitely want him in my team.
    I believe there are two main reasons for me to see Harrock as a must have now: the first one is the return of Raksha. Even using Galaxy Lord Raksha is very hard to be killed and many people are using krill on him, so the problem is doubled. With Harrock I will be able to curse Raksha (50% chance, so, fingers crossed) to make my problem smaller. The second reason is the combination of GH and Knous. This is an extremely annoying combo. If you assigned Knous +7 to Horrock you will have a poison on the enemy that last for two rounds and deals 2.5M damage, a plunder of 50% of the enemy's acc and a 50% chance to remove another 70 acc from the enemy, 50% chance to lock the enemy and another 50% chance to curse him. A lot of debuffs!!! With all of this together the chance of at least one of them triggers is really high.

    Well, all of this alone is already impressive, but, to make the dream becomes true, GH recovers his acc to 100 every round, so this craziness is constant in the battlefield. Also as a ranger there is no lieutenant to deny his special. CRAZY!
    I'm breaking my head to find a spot for Harrock in my team, as the newest commander Odin is also a beast and I want him. Lol. What about you?

    Please, join the conversation and bring your opinion about his great commander.

    See you in the Galaxy!
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    I think at a more regular level Ghost Horrock is even better as the 100% guaranteed Accu plundering allows to control battle even better than against Sub-SS and SS commanders.
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    So many great commanders released one after another, all of them "must have" including this awesome Ghost Horrock.
    Too bad they are released at short intervals and player's investment in them are quickly deprecated.
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    I have him in my fleet and he is a spectacular commander, like any good commander you have to feed him medals, galactonites, aeros, double r7 etc. he is a commander who makes a good pair with rick. Tap got used to inflating a lot the values ​​of the commanders and all the accessories to increase their powers.
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    I like this look at Ghost Horrock which I can agree to that I also somehow did underestimate the value of the different skills this commander has. Would I like to add him to my fleet, yes I would but for now that won't happen as too expensive and I find that Tap4Fun is getting too greedy, but maybe one day (if they slow down the release of commanders and bring some stability).
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