In order to increase in game interaction between players and provide a better gaming experience, the following servers will be merged together:

"World2","World61","World65","World355","World29", "World78","World81","World95","World359","World37" ,"World116","World109"

The estimated server merge time will take place on the date of 2017-11-21 UTC. During the server merge period, you will not be able to log into the game. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. All affected players will be compensated with 1,000 Credits. Have a nice day and enjoy the game!

Server Merge Tips:
1. Players can still log into the game from the previous server entrance;
2. Players that have multiple characters within one account but on different servers can still access each of their characters by logging into the corresponding server entrance. You won't lose any of your characters;
3. Event rewards will be lost after the merge. Please claim all rewards before the merge;
4. Current events will be cancelled and replaced by new events after the merge. A new event round will start;
5. Current mining veins will disappear after the merge;
6. Current Arena rankings will be reset. Players can fight for a new ranking after the merge;
7. Force rankings will also be reset according to all players' Force after the merge;
8. All mails will be deleted after the merge. Please save the important mails that you wish to keep before the merge;
9. Current battle reports will be deleted after the merge;
10. Colonial system will be reset after the merge;
11. Please claim all daily Arena ranking rewards before the merge, as you won't be able to claim them after the merge due to the Arena ranking reset.

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