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Thread: Accidentally destroyed 2 tactical modules.

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    Exclamation Accidentally destroyed 2 tactical modules.

    Accidentally destroyed 2 tactical modules. I wrote in support of the game - they did not answer.
    Please reinstall 2 base modules (Fighter and Defender) they are given for free.
    It's all because of the curved translation of the buttons.

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    Good luck. Sorry to say, from what i have heard before (when players accidentally decompose a high level galaconite), support won't give back what a player destroy, because from their point of view, it's a user action.

    It can be expensive in terms of time, credits, trident band capacitors and alloys to adjust the modules to a high level.

    What tactical module is it?
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    CEHA could you please post a screenshot of your screen where it happened?

    Did you sell or decompose the Modules? (In case of decompose you should have received some Trident Brand Capacitors.)
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    разложить >> Положить по разным местам, в определённом порядке. >> Put in different places, in a certain order.

    I'm not asking for fashionable modules - restore the basic ones that give everyone.ScreenShot1.jpgScreenShot2.jpg

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    Is this a joke?
    I'm not trying to offend you, but if you're starting to play, nowadays you don't need those, you could easily get TS-4 because of the amount of credits you could get by cumulatively login in game

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    CEHA, the word "Разложить" has several meanings in Russian language, among them - "to decompose"
    In the same link with translations you provided above, check the 5th meaning.

    Ts1 modules are the worst possible so don't worry about decomposing them. Soon enough you will get TS3 / TS4 ones without spending
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