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Thread: Repetitive game crashes for last 4 days

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    Here is my personal experience:
    On one device (Samsung J7, 1.5 Gb RAM) with average 500-600 MB RAM free, crashes are frequent (every second fight, impossible to access Empire HQ and Arena)

    On a second device (Samsung J5, 2015 model, 1.5 Gb RAM) with similar amount of free operative memory i encounter similar issues

    On a third device (Samsung J5, 2016 edition, 2Gb RAM) with average 1 Gb RAM free, the game runs without crashes most of the time (occasional crashes occurs after switching between different accounts and playing each of them)
    Device memory before and after loading Galaxy Legend application:


    As it can be seen, on spot the game requires at least 700MB of free RAM just to show the main interface. Sure, RAM is managed dynamically by OS, and some areas are unloaded (freed up) when it is required but, just i said in a post above, on Facebook i've seen a screenshot with 1.4 Gb RAM used by Galaxy Legend - definetely my devices with "only" 1.5 Gb RAM can't handle it)

    Add here the fact that this application is using CPU and data traffic extensively (overheating of the device just as Triad mentioned is a good indicator for that) and you will come to the straightforward conclusion - sadly enough, such a great game is developed by a team of second hand coders with really greedy management

    App devs should remember the famous "640K RAM ought to be enough for anybody."

    If you're looking for a crash-free gaming experience with this game, either use emulators on PC or buy latest devices with large amount of RAM
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    I have figured out why on my first device it crashes after every battle, while on second doesn't. I just noticed that on first, effects from satks don't show, so for some reason they weren't loaded, while on second mostly they show. As soon as I get a fight where a special is not shown, the game crashes after exiting the battle and hitting any other button.

    Can the high usage of RAM be due to the game trying to access something that wasn't correctly downloaded? Like entering a loop trying to access some file?

    For me it seems most of my problems come from some feature that wasn't correctly downloaded/installed. I don't have any delay on any feature that I can access. Just crashes on specific things. If it was just a problem with high amount of RAM used I'd expect that this amount would build over time and eventually crash on any action after a specific time. However I have left the app opened during 5/6 hours tapping features I know won't crash and no problem at all. Maybe the amount of RAM of the device is important when downloading features the first time in background. It might be used to manage these downloads thus making it more probable that a device with high amount of RAM would have a better installation than one with less amount of RAM.

    I am no informatic expert, so not exactly sure if this makes totally sense...

    One way to maybe try this theory is to make two installations on the same device. One with no app running in background, and the second one with several running. After installing and loading all the features then try to play normally (without apps in background) and see where/why and which one crashes more.

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    During this afternoon I have been testing what I wrote on last post. I reset one of my iphones to factory settings, deleted even some of the native apps and then installed only GL. I don't have a SIM card installed, so it isn't even wasting resources looking for a network.

    As soon as I logged in I loaded medals and went right away to the handbook. Started from bottom up, loading pictures and running the demo on every commander. At start it went ok, but when I started getting more or less half of the list (red s5 and s6 commanders) the game started crashing. At first it would crash once every three commanders demos, and progressed to be a crash after every demo ran. So now I am at a moment where I can run one demo, but then the game crashes when I press any button.
    This goes in line with my previous experience on my other phone (the one where it crashes after any battle and doesn´t display satk effects). Also, this can be one explanation for why the crashes increased since the summer. With some events Tap displayed there are now a lot more people with new commanders (s5, s6 and dark SS) which previously were rarer. So now our devices need to load more satk effects than before where most fights would be against commanders you already had encountered.

    Now, I think in this installation this happened so soon because I stressed it to happen, going through the demos one after the other. Usually fights are more spaced and commanders you haven't seen appear more seldom, so your phone have more time to handle these new effects downloaded.

    Next step will be uninstall and install again, and do it more controlled. I'll try to do 2/3 commanders then close the app and go on. Maybe limit the number of new demos seen per day to see if the phone can handle them better.

    This doesn't mean anything yet. Just reporting my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc View Post
    It really seems to have an impact which device is used ... huge problems with an 2012 ipad 4 (1GB RAM, A6 CPU) ... with a new iPhone SE (2GB RAM, A9 CPU) games runs smooth (same account) ... i guess the upgrade in RAM and better CPU make the difference ... probably someone on ios, that has more then one device can confirm, or share their experience ... i have no idea about android ...
    Just asked around in my alliance ... same picture ... iPad Air 2 runs perfectly, iphone 7+ also no issues ... iPad 4 / iPhone 5s hardly playable, confirmded, same issues like i have, craches medal interface, random arena crashes ...
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    Ok guys, Nightbolt and Havoc as well as Plius...
    Great contribution to have us resolve this reason behind specific devices freeze/crash issues!

    Since my Z3 reseted this theme to broad devices freeze/crash statuses, it could as well go to sticky.

    My status is as following. SE Z3 tablet like Nightbolt advised was reinstalled with GL and immediately it entered my account after it continued crashing like it didn't reinstall at all?!
    By that I saw that user accounts were not deleted when I uninstalled this game so I went once more through the procedure, this time uninstalling the accounts , uninstalling the game itself, and seeing it present with all the data in Memory management tool of tablet settings, I deleted all those created data and GL folders after which phone was 100% free of this game!

    Pay notice here! The game is not UNINSTALLED only by game uninstall ! You need to go to apps -> GL uninstall -> Account uninstall.
    After that go to Memory management in Settings of the phone where it says "GL data" and delete that also.

    Only then the game is completely uninstalled.

    When I did this, and reinstalled once more, entered my FB account and connected the account, it flew like a charm.

    I did see that the game IS downloading "game data" ON THE GO, while playing it. When ya'all see that Ghost ships without real shape in the game, as well as items and stuff. So I gave my Z3 time to hash in all the data, by going to Celestial portal and opening all the ships that I acquired. After hashing and caching in my memory all MY DATA, ships, galactonites and items.

    I am safe to conclude that game haven't crashed since that time.
    And THAT TIME is some 3 days now, playing some 2 hours daily...

    Can't say for sure by this KIND of resolution, what could be the real reason to this in the first place? My RAM is high enough 3 gigs, chipset is more than enough, every other aspect of the game, hardware wise is rock solid for playing this static 2D game, and still IT DID CRASH!?

    Since this reinstall, I could only say, the process somehow ALIGNED its installment files better, so it's crash free for the time being at least...

    Haven't tried yet hashing all the game data like Nightbolt said going into handbook.

    since there ARE users that love this game besides all its issues and bad stuff, like myself, I'll do all I can to make my Z3 testing platform for some future problems that I encounter ON THE GO here with users that report the same issues, hoping to help them make the most out of their devices..!

    cheers m8's
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    Got to hand it over to them... This last update solved my problem with crashes (at least for now). I've managed to play the entire day since the update without a single crash and accessing every feature (even the ones where the game was crashing before).
    So, just this once, well done T4F

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    By the way, just installed the update on my second phone and noticed that all commanders are already preloaded (before only had loaded like 1/3). Maybe they quit (most of/all) the background downloads? Also notice the game is faster.

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    Game seemed to be working smoothly

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    At the moment I have to say the same, today I went to the handbook and guess what: there's no more shadows/ghosts!!!
    I don't report any crash at this time, that's the best gift for Christmas from tap4fun for sure

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    Game does load a bit longer but yeah no shadows/ghosts even in Galaxy League, when I used to meet new commanders that had no picture.

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