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Thread: Commander Focus #36: Rick

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    Commander Focus #36: Rick

    Hidden Stab
    Vertical attack, deals 400% S-ATK and increases 100 points Accumulator for self; also, it has a 70% chance to make the ship itself become invisible for 1 round after the attack. Note: The ship's receiving S-ATK damage will be reduced by 30%.


    Hello, commanders.

    In this week it is time for us to discuss about one of the strongest commanders of all time (in my opinion the strongest in most of the cases), Rick. I believe that for a long, long time Razz was considered for many the strongest SS commander of all time, even he being really old. He doesn’t have good defensive attributes, although his attack power is definitely impressive. A striker tends to be a commander with a very offensive special and if he doesn’t kill his enemy he normally becomes an easy target to be killed and in the history of Galaxy Legend I’ve seen a lot of times strikers gaining a very high fire power and losing it in a few time, so the investment in a striker normally is very hard to maintain. That is one of the reasons that makes Razz a very solid commander. Rarely his firepower was not enough to kill most of the enemies in front of him and even if he can’t kill with one special he has another chance in next round. His 100 acc recover was and still what makes him great. But Razz have another great ability that, in my opinion, makes him really effective: he removes 100% of the s-atak of the enemies’ that he hits; before the really high attack numbers and true damage this used to make a line dead or useless, as with no s-attack the enemies couldn’t cause too much damage.
    Seeing so many new commanders stronger than the old SS commanders I was expecting Razz 2.0, but I really didn’t expect a commander with 400% s-attack and 100 acc recover. That is crazy! In offensive power that is much higher than Razz and even with the max reshape that gives a lot of HP Rick can one shot in many cases. In my opinion, that alone would be a reason to make Rick a must have commander, but Tap decided to go beyond and give him a much better defensive ability that the one Razz have: invisibility!
    And then I got sad with Rick: He is too unbalanced and, in my opinion, the most unbalanced commander of all time. I can’t count the many times that I lost or win with Rick alone becoming invisible for 7, 10, even 15 times in a row. That is crazy! In my opinion that makes the game poor, as one commander can make possible to anyone that started a few weeks ago to beat a player with years of hard work and/or a lot of money invested just because there is a commander that can become invisible for an unlimited number of consecutive rounds, consequently becoming impossible to be killed and can kill your full fleet without a chance for a counter.
    You can (or could) say: just try to kill Rick before he fires his special and become invisible. Well, if you have a super offensive commander that can win a battle alone the most obvious strategy is to kill him before he can fire, so Tap changed Herbert and now he can give Rick 30% attack (for a commander with 400% of modifier) and revive the hard to kill Rick for another chance of him becoming invisible and kill the enemies’ fleet.
    So, Rick has a crazy special power and has 70% chance to become invisible with no limit and can use Herbert as lieutenant to revive so he still needs 30% s-damage reduction to become even stronger. Ok, it works only against specials, but don’t the newest commanders have 100 acc recover and fire special in theory every round? Yes, this s-damage reduction is really strong and makes Rick even stronger than I described before.
    Well, I personally don’t like that Rick turned the game in such a roulette, but I obviously bought him as soon as he was released.
    To make the history short: buy Rick as soon as you can and enjoy him before Tap releases a commander that reveals all invisible commanders or something like that. He is unbalanced and for now there is not a real effective counter not luck based as Volkof, sometimes Star Lord removing his acc even when he is invisible, Caroline that can hit him with her secondary damage and Star Lord/Fedor with the reflection. They can help to counter Rick, but they are very situational and not easy to be effective.
    What about your opinion? Are you crazily mad because of Rick? Saving to buy him? Happy to be beating super strong players because of him? Come and contribute for us to know more about this crazy commander!

    See you in the Galaxy!
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