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Thread: Help Required in Formation

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    Help Required in Formation

    I know you all might be getting lot of messages but try to answer me at your leisure.The help in the game isnt very useful hence i need your help btw i have read most of your posts and learnt a lot and really thanks.

    Am a lvl 75 player with force 242,352,963.

    my Current fleet is
    FS +3 with Mileena+3 as lt,
    Warden +4 with Carter as lt
    Armoray +3
    Anaotoli +4
    Brian +3 with Flynn as Lt.
    All interference is lvl 100.

    I have Louise but i removed her and instead opted for Warden as i feel Caroline isnt enough powerful inspite of Double Red stars. I have Shining R5 2 at lvl7 rest at lvl 8.

    When i have Louise i feel i dont have enough fire power, mainly only Armoray and Brian (whom i really love) are attackers rest all are just ok in attacking but anatoli is good, hence i switched Warden with Louise, but am winning more now but my force has come down to 242, 352, 963 after i swapped but am still winning a lot now, so did take the right decision?
    FS is literally useless just using it as a bait to get destroyed in first round then Anatoli gets activated.

    Can you suggest me an ideal setup? I will be really grateful to you.

    My Troops only S Level(In Stand by):

    Ranger: Cryptor, Mileena, Vitos, Cabal
    Striker: Queen Emma
    Protector: None
    Destroyer:Trickstar, Izolda
    Rover: Louise, Okto, Maggie, Sirenne, Quasimodo, Hunter, Annica, Opal.

    P.S: Keep posting in forums lots of people are gaining knowledge and thanks a lot for all the great work.
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