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Thread: Poll: Star Lord vs Caroline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khangster View Post
    Thank you for the input, bloody9. I guess it all comes down to speed: you gotta hit hard and hit first! Cheers!
    Not really!! Yes, sure, shooting first is nice but not absolutely necessary. In more than half of my battles i shoot second and yet i win most of the times (not against OP spenders) . In my server all the opponents i fight with for places 5-10 (about 7 of them) shoots first but i win about 80% of those fights..especially since i have Knous for Caroline and stardust gala for SL
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    I recently put back SL in addition to Caroline and I'm not sure SL is right. I replaced FD with him thinking SL is bit better attacker but I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I lose more battles than I did before. Maybe having SL with Raksha is doing it? SL fires 1st, then Raksha, the Louise, then Caroline, then finally Kate. Before I put SL in, FD was last to shoot. It just seems SL doesn't hit all that hard compared to FD. I'm thinking of trying Fitz next and having him fire after Louise so her special will help in subsequent rounds where her accum buff allows Fitz to fire his special. Fitz at least hits hard.

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    Indeed, SL does not hit as hard as FD does. Frog's power is given by his side effects (accu plundering, 100% reflection shield)
    When paired with Raksha his reflection shield is less effective. Also, FD could fire his special every turn but he is also passible for Jackie loop. if you can try the combination with Fitz and Louise, do it - you'll free up some augmentation chips for Caroline. And Fitz firing twice in a row his special could be deadly enough to satisfy your thirst for blood
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    Something else which FD was helpful, if not disabled by opponent Jackie, is the reduction of DEF and SDEF, which does help making every other non-destroyer commander attack more damaging
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