Hello, dear all commanders,

After a long time voting, we have gotten the results of the Galaxy Dream (Slogan) and Galactic Guide (Gal's Image). However several complaints have been raised by players with regards to the result, citing issues of fake account creation and false voting. This result will therefore be valid from UTC September 11th 00:00 to September 14th 00:00, during which time, if any commanders are not satisfied with the results, he/she can send a message to Dianna (in the new forum) with the relevant evidence / information. If anyone is found to have been cheating then their reward will be transferred to another player as will the prize.

Poll Results: Galaxy Dream (Slogan) - Official Voting Zone

1.Svetoslav Ivanov 168 votes
2.Ītz M Montesclaros 60 votes
3.Leroy Adams 49 votes
4.Gregor Ruumch 44 votes
5.Red Spades 26 votes
6.Moises Santos 15 votes
7.Samyshkin Alexander 10 votes
8.Андрей Пронькин 6 votes
9.Ng Si Liek 4 votes
10.Van Marius 4 votes
11.Paul Lloyd Ammon 3 votes
12.Ahmed Mohamed Darwesh 2 votes
13.Samuel Lim Kai Xin 1 vote
14.Rainer Lucht 1 vote
15.Jouni Lindberg 0 vote

Poll Results: Galactic Guide (Gal's Image) Official Voting Zone

1. Franco Santiago 168 votes
2. Nova War 136votes
3. Ризаков 39votes
4. Garry Topor 14votes
5. Анатолий Мартынов 13votes
6. Samyshkin Alexander 5votes
7. Paulo Nacianceno 4votes
8. Igor Ignatenko 3votes
9. Вадим Рудецкий 3votes
10. Youssef Salman 3votes
11. Adam Arizal 3votes
12. David Haumichblau 2votes
13. Borislav Dimitrov 2votes
14. Joey Lee 2votes
15. Paulo Nacianceno 2votes
16. Jarred Van Horn 1vote
17. Matt Berryton 1vote
18. Kiran Krishnan 1vote
19. Tide ForLife 0 vote