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Thread: Star Lord - Special attack in round 3

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    Star Lord - Special attack in round 3

    Just as mentioned in Commander Focus #24: Star Lord - This bug is still present (Version 1.9.0)

    Quote Originally Posted by Donatello View Post
    Did you forget to mention that he is bugged? In round 3 if his accumulator is charged - he will NOT shoot special attack. He will shoot normal attack and his accumulator will drop by 100.
    Latest answer for this fix from tap is that i quote: "should be fixed in version 1.8.1". You will lose a lot of battles because SL does not shoot special when his accumulator is even overcharged. This answer we got from FB Group in the reports.
    If you do not believe me - you can see the bug in CCC top32 too. So it is not only me. And tap may continue to say that it is fixed - but it is NOT. 2 months already.
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    tap4fun changed its mind on that matter (according to ToS they have the right to do so).

    They say it's intended to work like Fearsome Devil or Fitzgerald who plunder attributes and return plundered attributes after a certain period of time.

    It does not make sense with a consumable like Accu energy but the implementation is that way:

    Turn 1 - Special is fired
    1. Star Lord plunders 20 Accu from all opposing ships (no matter if they will be hit or not). That follows the principle how Fearsome Devil plunders DEF, E-DEF and S-DEF from all opposing commanders.
    2. Starlord adds plundered Accu to his own Accu and overcharges the Accu by doing so significantly. (That's what made him such a strong attacker initially before Reshape levels has been increased.)
    3. Star Lord fires his special and removes additional 35% of Accu of hit ships before those ships get Accu by being hit. By firing his special ALL plundered Accu is consumed. Nothing of the initially plundered energy can be returned.

    Turn 2
    1. Star Lord "returns" plundered Accu. That means he loses from his Accu at most the amount of Accu he plundered last turn. E. g. against 5 opposing ships Star Lord had plundered 100 Accu last turn. Now he loses up to 100 Accu in turn 2. If his Accu is overcharged due to several block-counters a second turn special may happen, but this is really rare.

    Sounds strange, IS strange but it's unlikely tap4fun will change it. At some time I started to think this is okay because otherwise he would be really, really overpowered. But if you buy Star Lord and don't know this... sure, you will be disappointed most likely.
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    Yes it's annoying but as N say if he did fire special that second time he would become very tough because he plunder 20 accu even from commanders that don't get hit.

    I once had a fight against a guy who had Starlord with Krill and due to damaging his Starlord enough, but not enough to kill him, Krill reverted Starlord to initial special like 2-3 times keeping my Caroline from firing special after first round. It was not fun.

    And also I think you can to some level "repair" this with Stardust galactonite on Starlord?
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    I had to check it twice but thats indeed how the Accu plunder effect works.. really strange.
    Thank you for the quick reply Nachteule!

    ASR1927 thats what i'm thinking about too. But Star Lord needs to gain at least 200 Accu to fire his special again in round 2. That's a lot even with Stardust equipped.

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