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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Understanding the Ship's Accu

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Understanding the Ship's Accu


    The Accu (or more abstract the Accu property) of the ships in Galaxy Legend is one of the fundamental things all Galaxy Legend players should understand. But with the advent of Stardust I noticed there seem to be quite a lot of confusion about the Accu. This article will explain how the Accu works. If anything remains unclear or is wrong please comment below, I will adjust this guide accordingly.

    Definition and Terminology

    Literally the Accu is kind of an energy storage of the ship. It can be charged, consumed, depleted, drained... In the game Accu refers to a dynamic ship property that can have a value of 0 or greater. If a ship is about to attack and if the Accu is 100 or more the ship will fire its special attack (unless some nasty lieutenant like Jackie suppresses that attack). After a special attack the Accu is always empty unless the special itself refills the Accu (like Fitzgerald, Caroline, Dor, ...).

    The Accu is charged by normal attacks of a ship and in most cases also by being hit. If a ship is hit several times before it attacks the next time the Accu can have a value greater than 100. This is called an overcharged Accu. As far as I know there is no charge limit for the Accu. Overcharged Accu gives more damage.

    At the beginning of a battle the Accu has an initial value like a preset charge level. This value is specific for the different commanders and can be modified by certain Galactonites. If the initial Accu of a ship is 100 or higher then the ship can fire its special attack in the first round of a battle. The initial Accu value sets no limit or whatever boundary for charging the Accu, it just defines the charge level of the Accu at battle start.

    Accu-related Commander Properties

    There are 6 Accu-related properties a commander has of which at the moment only 4 are used:
    • Accum - initial Accu at battle start
    • ATK ACC-RE - Accu gain on normal attacks
    • DEF ACC-RE - Accu gain on being hit (special and normal attacks)
    • CT ACC-RE - Accu gain on block-counters
    • CR ACC-RE - not used
    • BL ACC-RE - not used

    The special itself in some cases also has Accu-relevance as some commanders have a certain value of Accu regain as part of their special. E. g. Kraing - 25, S class Du'doria - 50, Fitzgerald - 75, Valerie - 100.

    <Commented Commander Picture>

    Details of Accu Aspects

    Initial Accu
    All commanders have at least an initial Accu value of 50. The initial Accu can be increased by Starocean Galactonites or R5 Dual Accu Galactonites. If the initial Accu reaches 100 the commander can fire the special attack in round one which is a tremendous tactical benefit. A fully upgraded R5 Starocean / dual Accu stone gives +80 initial Accu leading to an overcharged Accu value of 130 (more, if the commander has a higher initial Accu value itself).

    Overcharged Accu
    If the value of the Accu gets higher than 100 the special attack that is fired is stronger than a regular special attack by the same percentage the Accu value exceeds 100. E. g. if the Accu is charged to 125 the executed special attack is 25% stronger than a regular one.

    Charging the Accu
    The Accu can be charged by several effects:
    • Firing a normal attack
    • Taking a hit
    • Countering an attack
    • Recharge as part of the own special
    • Recharge as part of other commanders' specials

    Accu Consumption / Accu Reduction by Opponent
    If the special attack is fired the whole Accu is consumed, no matter much it has been charged above 100. The Accu can also be reduced by opposing commanders that lower or even steal from your Accu - e. g. Bernard, Retrobot, Zaffrey, Star Lord, (Dark) Sky Mightlis. A few commanders can rightaway empty the Accus of hit targets no matter how much they have been charged: Elijah, Flynn, St. Nick, Glaus.
    This might lead to the loss of the ability to fire specials each round with full rechargers like Dor, Brian or Caroline. Therefore Accu draining/depleting is a strong ability especially with recently so many commanders with 100 Accu replenish.

    Sample Accu Usage Scenarios

    Scenario Comment
    Raksha fires first special of a battle First special of a commander is affected by initial Accu and Starocean, only.
    Flagship fires a normal attack Normal attacks recharge the Accu with the value of ATK ACC-RE (which can be increased by Stardust).
    Dor fires his special for the second time Accu refill as part of the special is not affected by any other Accu-related commander property.
    Jones takes a normal hit of Joya On being hit the Accu gets charged by DEF ACC-RE. There are some exceptions - see below.
    Jones blocks a normal hit of Louise Blocks of normal hits of non-Destroyers are always followed by a counter attack. A block-counter results in 75 - 100 Accu refill depending on Stardust. It is the sum of DEF ACC-RE + CT ACC-RE + ATK ACC-RE.
    Jones blocks a special attack of Caroline Special attacks cannot be countered. Therefore only DEF ACC-RE applies.
    Alfred takes a normal hit Alfred cannot charge his Accu from being hit as DEF ACC-RE is 0. Same for Lance.
    Lance blocks (and so counters) a normal hit of Khala Like Alfred Lance does not recharge the Accu on being hit but the counter attack still applies: The Accu is charged with CT ACC-RE + ATK ACC-RE.
    Louise fires her special attack As part of the special Louise's Accu gets recharged by 50 and all other commanders' Accus by 25.
    Flagship is hit by opposing Star Lord First Flagship's Accu is plundered by Star Lord by 20. This affects all ships in the fleet even if they are not hit by Star Lord or even hidden. Star Lord's Accu gets overcharged by the plundered Accu. Now Star Lord fires his special attack and drains 35% of the Accu of all hit ships. It is really a percent value!! Finally Accu charge on hit is applied adding DEF ACC-RE to hit commanders' Accus.
    Violette is hit by opposing Queen Emma's special attack Queen Emma (and Armoray) do not charge hit ships' Accus as part of their special attack. Therefore Accu recharge on being hit (DEF ACC-RE) is not applied.
    Fearsome Devil is hit by St. Nick's special attack St. Nick (and Flynn) deplete the Accu of the hit ship. In that case the Accu recharge on being hit (DEF ACC-RE) is skipped.
    Azrael fires a normal hit and misses Normally the Accu is recharged with the value of ATK ACC-RE when a normal hit is fired. But this applies only if the shot hits its target. In case of Stardust-boosted ATK ACC-RE property the benefit from Stardust is also wasted in that case.
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