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Thread: Login -facebook problem - last z

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    Login -facebook problem - last z

    After the last update the I can't login anymore to my account.

    The game only shows Message: Ivnalid facebook account or expired session. Log out of facebook and re-login again.

    Did it. Doesn't do anything. The game just restarts and the same issue. It is allredy 2 days.

    Anybody knows what to do?

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    These are the steps that I use for accounts that use Facebook to log in.

    If i do these the steps it works

    1) log into Facebook app with your game Facebook account.
    2) log into Facebook with your game Facebook account with your default phone browser - for the iOS that's Safari. I am not sure what's the default system browser on the android

    Log into Galaxy Legend now through the Facebook function

    I have repeated these steps quite a few times now. And most recently was for the September Space War

    Edit: if anyone else have this problem please report here as a bug
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