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Thread: Commander Focus #33: Galaxy Lord

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    Commander Focus #33: Galaxy Lord


    Galaxy Lord
    Grand Lava Cannon
    Cross attack, first clears targets' positive BUFF and plunders 40% Crit (Absolute value) from each target (lasting for 1 round), and then deals 120% S-ATK damage, increases 100 Accumulator for self.

    Hello, Commanders.

    This week handbook will be easy to write, as it is not hard to explain how strong Galaxy Lord (GL) is. Tap decided to create a cross-attacker destroyer with 120% S-ATK (that I prefer to call modifier) and acc recover. That is strong, but not super crazy when you have all the reshape levels upgraded and when you have Jackie to lock his special, so he can’t fire every round. With only this ability GL would not be a must have, as he would not be a one shot killer in most of the cases, even considering that Destroyer can surpass the normal Def and S-DEF. So, how to create a must have Destroyer without making him a 100% one shot killer? Tap decided to give him a critical chance plunder ability, so he can release a critical hit in most of the cases, as even when he fires at only one enemy he can take 40% of the enemy’s critical chance to himself and that added to his natural high critical chance makes him a very dangerous killer. So, how to counter a one shot cross attacker killer? We used to have some options like using stasis shield, Kate’s and Sturdy’s shield to invalidate attacks, use Rakasha’s damage reduction to tank for the team, Caroline’s dodge, Brian’s block and other kind of buffs… but, well, GL laughts against buffs. GL can clear all the positive buffs from the enemies before he hits them. That is crazy!!!!
    To add things up, Tap create a Destroyer with recover acc, high critical, high hit rate, he can plunder critical and high critical attack, so he is perfect, right? Well, he has some limitations. The most obvious one is that he can have his special blocked by Jackie. Another not so obvious is that his TS doesn’t have penetration, so he is blocked a lot against enemies with high block (normally rangers and protectors). The third biggest “counter” to GL is the new galactonite Shield, that reduces the critical damage; if your team is high upgraded it may survive even a GL’s critical.
    A strategy I try to use against GL is to put only one commander with very high anticritical in his fire line, so even when he plunders 40% critical chance I still have a good chance to not take a critical. This is not a safe strategy, but still a valid strategy.
    Well, I think it is a consensus that GL is a very strong Destroyer, but I’d like to read even more feedback about him. Do you already own him? Are you planning to use buy him? Are you having trouble against him? Do you have any good strategy to counter him? Let’s discuss about this crazy Destroyer.

    See you in the Galaxy!
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    Thanks for the analysis and I confirm, I want Galaxy Lord but not at the high price. Do I have trouble against GL, for sure and I have to always be lucky. If I can fire first then my Caroline (with Knous) is what I try to block GL somehow if not take down right away. Not easy, as it is 50-50 chance to win or lose.
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    6-7 month then this commander will be outdated. Either because of new S6 Rangers and Rovers or because of higher reshape level or a new kind of item. Galaxy Lord is brutal damage, hunting for first strike and by removing positive buffs he also kills most synergies that create fun for players loving tactics.

    With Rick tap4fun sells us the first answer: 400% special modifier, 30% special attack damage reduction, 70% hide chance, 100 Accu recovery. Expect more "solutions" with high price tag to come.

    Is Fearsome Devil a solution? Well, probably if he is not killed on first attack of Galaxy Lord. But Fearsome Devil is by far the most boring commander I know. Watching this -DEF blink, -S-DEF blink, - E-DEF blink, then impact of shot is a pain even with 2x battle speed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachteule View Post
    But Fearsome Devil is by far the most boring commander I know. Watching this -DEF blink, -S-DEF blink, - E-DEF blink, then impact of shot is a pain even with 2x battle speed.
    Lol so true.
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    There is time to increase e-def somehow with a huge amount of cash .... just to counter this brutal commander
    in one or two month we will see some shield like angel aura .... this shild will make your commander immune for a opponent magic

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    before i got back my ts4 critical, i had block instead and that definitely muted his impact from one-shot killer to manageable killer. taking away your high criticals help but at the expense of the game in general, primus, league etc.

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    С вашими ценами на командиров большинству игроков они не доступны. Поэтому покупают одни и те же игроки. Сделайте ценник на 50% меньге и покупателей будет в 2 раза больше. Простая арифметика.

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    It's like Johan already mentioned, if you don't run him it's a big gamble to immobilise him in some way, for that purpose i rely on both Azrael and SL, if i know the fleet set up of my opponent and i have first shot i'm sure i can disable him for 1 round, longer depends on the fact if Azrael can curse him or not.
    In short: for sure an OverPowered commander with an OverPriced tag on his butt
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