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Thread: Heroes Assembly - Galaxy Tourism Week 26 September - 2 October 2017

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    nice results ... i got Anatoli, maggie and SL from the three portals ... at least SL is someho useful ... even i would like to try Anatoli in Combination with GL ... but kicking AZ would not feel right
    Richard+10 with Krill+7, Nicholas+11 with Herbert+7, GL+10 with Knous+7, SL+7, Raksha+10 with Kit+4, Slade+11 with Mileena+6

    World 400 iOS

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    At 70% discount, Louise and Sturdy are Good

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    Dark Flagship (when i already have Burglar Kate), Dark Flagship again (replaced by 10 silly FS chips), Anatoli. Thats on my main account.
    On my alt, on S5 portal i had chance for 11 red commanders and only 1 S5 commander Azrael. As you can imagine i got Azrael. 5,200 credits for Azrael is very good price, but to have chance for 11 red commanders and only 1 S5 commander and to get the S5 commander is lame.

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