Dear passionate players,

For some days a new feature is available in the-game-we-love-most: Refine.

I read a lot of questions in forum and my alliance chat and I hope the following lines will bring some light into this matter.

Basically Refine is a feature that allows to fuse low level Galactonites together to higher level Galactonites.

There are some prerequisites for Refine: First you have to reach level 65 and then you have to upgrade your Galactonite Center to at least level 14.

If the pre-conditions are met you can enter the Refine screen from the first folder in the Galactonite Center - just hit the "Refine" button here. In the Refine screen the most noticeable widgets are two hexagons, a progress bar and two buttons. The left hexagon is called the Refine Pit, the right unit is the Salvage Pit.

During the Refine process you salvage Galactonites and add their essence to another Galactonite of the same type. The Galactonite that absorbs the others is called the principal Galactonite. You can salvage Galactonites of the same or lower level than the principal Galactonite, only.

In order to start Refine you have to load a Galactonite of level R-1 to R-5 into the Refine Pit. A tap on the Refine Pit opens up your Galactonite Bag and you have to tap on any one Galactonite from there and tap "Choose". The principal Galactonite is now loaded into the Refine Pit.

Now the Salvage Pit must be charged. A tap on the Salvage Pit again shows your Galactonite Bag - but only viable Galactonites are shown. Again "Choose" equips the pit.

The progress bar below the Refine Pit displays the Refine progress. White is your currently achieved Refine level green shows the growth by salvaging the loaded Galactonite in the Salvage Pit.

You have to salvage as many Galactonites as necessary to get the progress bar to 100% (in white ;-) ). Now hit the Refine button - et voil: in your Refine Pit is the up-levelled Galactonite. Don't be annoyed the green colour of the button does not mean you have to pay Credits. The currency is Galactonite Energy.

Some more facts:
- You can see the Refine level of Galactonite in your Galactonite Bag by a purple Refine level indicator.
- You do not see the Refine level of equipped Galactonites.
- You can salvage Galactonites of lower level compared to the refined one. The contribution to the overall progress is very small but in correct relation.
- You can salvage Galactonites that have absorbed other Galactonites before but you get not corresponding add-on to your progress. Don't do that!
- You can decompose refined Galactonites in the Laboratory but you get neither a warning nor a compensation for that.
- Sometimes you get a 2x bonus for a salvage.
- You get 80 % refund of the Galactonite Energy of any salvaged Galactonite.
- You get 100 % refund of the Galactonite Energy of any refined Galactonite.
- It is no problem to overcharge the progress bar (by salvaging different level Galactonites).

- Refine for Galactonites of level R-3 or lower is unlimited but for level R-4 and higher it is limited to once per day.
- The highest possible level for a Galactonite to refine is R-5. So the maximum level you can achieve by refinement is R-6.
- Starocean Galactonites of level R-5 cannot be refined to level R-6.
- Dual-Attribute Galactonites can not be refined.

6 R-1 ==> 1 R-2 (1 for Refine and 5 for Salvage)
8 R-2 ==> 1 R-3 (1 for Refine and 7 for Salvage)
10 R-3 ==> 1 R-4 (...)
12 R-4 ==> 1 R-5
13 R-5 ==> 1 R-6

Refine Strategies:
- An obvious Refine candidate is Starocean. R-3 and R-4 are very frequent in the Galactonite Center, but R-5 is ultra-rare.
- Keep all R-3 and R-4 Galactonites from the Laboratory.
- Extend your Galactonite storage capacity by hiring lepton commanders.
- Already upgraded Galactonites should be refined, preferably, if possible.
- Salvage only level 1 Galactonites if possible to prevent Galactonite Energy loss.
- If you have a full stock of R4/R5 Galactonites stored in your Galactonite Bag or attached to your commanders and receive R4/R5 Nukes from events or Galactonite Center - let them in your inventory. You can store many Nukes of a single grade in one place of your inventory you but need a separate place for each evolved Galactonite.