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Thread: Commander Focus #32: Zagoev

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    Commander Focus #32: Zagoev

    Death Roar Vertical attack, plunders 60% of targets' S-ATK and then deals 150% S-ATK damage, lasting for 1 round. Plundered attributes can be stacked, equal to targets' attribute values lost. The ship itself will inherit the plundered values.


    Hello, commanders.

    In this week handbook I'll try to discuss a few about Zagoev. It's complicate to talk about him, as very few people have him in the fleet. Zagoev has a very situational special, that has the potential to be very strong if he is placed in the right spot. Before Galaxy Lord was released I could see Zargoev as a good initial shot to lock the enemy's destroyer, but you'd need a vey offensive team to try to finish the battle fast, as he doesn't recharge his acc. With Galaxy Lord in the game Zagoev lost even more space as he has a vertical attack that is easier to counter or prevent. For example: if I need to fight a strong Zagoev that fires first I'll put 2x 2 commanders in a line and the last one with only 1 commander to try to reduce his potential or even put a line of three and two lines of once, giving him only 33% chance to shot the line of 3.

    I never saw Zagoev as a must have in the fleet, except in maybe very situational strategies. I've seen amedo using him once in CCC as a surprise to locks Eric's Bard special, but in the end maybe amedo would have the same result with other destroyer. For him it was a very good decision, as Zagoev gets stronger when the enemy is stronger, but specially now with Galaxy Lord in the game Zagoev is even more situational.

    In my opinion the bear is not bad commander, but, being repetitive, too much dependent in formation. Before Galaxy Lord in some battles I'd risk to use him, so when he was released he was an interesting multi hitter option.

    I'd like you guys to help me with more opinions. Maybe I'll not being able to see something that is positive on him and you guys can bring it to the community.

    Anyone here planing to buy him? Anyone using him? Anyone having trouble against him? Let's discus more about this kind if rare commander.

    See you in the Galaxy.
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    Nowadays many commanders come with a nice fleet buff or debuff around and even accu recharge is quite common among commanders. There are even nice synergies between some of those.

    Zagoev offers a weak buff/debuff and cannot kill (which is the main function of Destroyers usually) with the plundered attributes and there are no real synergies he gives, imho. Therefore except for speed buff most players don't use him. For casual play nevertheless he might be quite ok, especially if luckily received for few Credits during release event with temporary DNA.
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    Despues de Galaxy Lord, no existen los destructores

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    there is a before and after of Galaxy Lord
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    This ship is another mothballer outdated too quickly I might add . We can’t keep buying ridiculously expensive ships to just have them outdated a week later that’s what happened to me when I bought Kate . I’m done spending outrageous amounts of my hard earned cash just to be outdated almost immediately. I can’t even buy the 2 new luitenants cause I can’t afford it I guess I will just have 2 get use to losing a lot more battles. Try to enjoy the game every one and don’t throw too much cash into taps bottomless pit

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