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Thread: Speed Bug In World Champion event

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    Speed Bug In World Champion event

    Lost my match for best 32 due to a speed bug, it was not the only one where I did not get first hit even so I should have gotten it. Others I talked to apparently had the same bug a few times.
    I have speed tech maxed and I am using Violet +4 as commander so there is no fleet that could be faster than mine except for fleets with Cosmos commanders.
    Frost Jr. is 180 slower than Vladimir, Khala and Hunter. If he used John and Violet+4 as lieutenant he would still be short 130points to my speed.
    Very sad I am missing out on top 32 due to something like this :-(


    qw3r72.s724 World682

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    Speed bug has been reported in the early stage of CCC. Lots of players are not in the top 32 because of it and some are in when they should have been eliminated.

    On the other hand there is a HP bug supposedly due to reshape function. But neither dev or support has a clue on what they are speaking about.

    For those reasons and for the lack of clear answers from svip customer service and normal customer service, I am boycotting this event and will fight all the remaining battles in FS only.

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    Thank you for bringing it the publicity! Hoping it get fixed soon!

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    As you could see I am not the only one protesting with FS battle��

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