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Thread: Improve your Battle Tactics - Formations Discussion Series 01

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    DFS and Raksha do not interfere each other in a negative way except for DFS being so much slower than Kate and Future. That's why I said if you're still shooting first in most cases go with Raksha, he is really great. But if not most of the time Raksha is blocked by Kit with so many commanders that shot every turn. And as Raksha is very frequent Kit is so, too.
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    I very much like the formation used by Nachteule as it is very effective, in fact I much say that I always have trouble with your fleet and typically come out on top. The main reason is first of all your speed, meaning you fire first and your Raksha hides your fleet and I typically would like to fire first I use the same tactics and use Raksha as well but you disable him hence your Dor but actually now Brian can disable my Rick and/or Caroline. And indeed your Kate does become a one hit killer after Dor / Brian's special. How to counter that, well I don't know yet unless I manage to become faster...
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