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Thread: Primus Invasion - What is your Strategy (except playing both rounds)?

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    My strategy is to go to ml8 (immolate) right after 'midnight' (1am atm with daylight savings). It doesn't spawn anything wave 1 but wave 2 is only primus type enemy (single powerful foe). Using a infinite formation will (briefly) put you in the top 8.
    As that is as late as I can stay up without affecting work the following day, I will be stuck with the 1 formation until after the event has finished for round 1.

    With round 2, I follow one of 2 principles; if the fleet survived round 1, I stay in ml8, and swap to my PvP formation with a 'high upgraded' raksha (+7) and lvl 13 kings castor eye 3, to try and 'tank' most of the hits while I'm at work. If the fleet died, I swap to ml10 and the same PvP fleet.

    Following this puts me usually in the top 250 for both categories, sometimes in the top 20.

    If I fail to log in fast enough to be one of the first 8 to ml8, I go straight to ml10, but use primus formation still anyway, and will probably finish 1 category below top 250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triad View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Nopo View Post
    Due to (3) I go to the planet with the least waves with Primus (I jump ML05 on iOS). This may or may not be true but I find my fleet stays alive longest at this node. In this sense I am well timed, because I am awake for the first session.
    What is the time of PVP events in Europe, since I have't bothered to play it so much.
    Every time I stationed my fleet at ML05, it did nothing..!
    The reasons i go to ML05 is due to the fact that's the longest i can survive without dieing and sent back to the home base.

    You may have to test it over a week or two to see which is the planet you can survive the longest and/or get the most points.

    And in getting points, it is very important to be able to jump to the queue as fast as possible. In this, there are many players who's time zone is their sleep time, are disadvantaged.
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    I like Swallow idea. But, also, I know one thing for sure, and that's that Caroline girl...
    Unless I acquire her, there will be much less interesting fights for me in PI !
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    Triad, i don't use Caro (actually i don't use many of latest commamders) so my goal is to get daily a set of goodies available for 250-2500 board range in both damage and kills. Usually it is enough to set the alarm to 00:20 server time, to send the fleets to one of outer planets and to continue my sleep. By sending fleets 20 min or so later than the pack i make sure that there are already enough players with fleets able to defeat primuses so my fleet will survive most likely all 10 rounds
    In the morning i have only to check if i'm at home base and re-send the fleets if so.
    Not too much fun but quite lucrative considering time spent on invasion
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