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Thread: Return of King - Galaxy Lord or dices without 6 on them !

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    Return of King - Galaxy Lord or dices without 6 on them !

    Hey guys! Just noticed that each and every DNA chip on the monopoly table is located on 6. So, my bet is T4F gave us dices w/o 6 on them this time GL everyone and don't even think to roll 6 or i am calling the police

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    Yes, the dice is unfair. The chance for a 6 on a fair dice is 1/6. So one sixth of the player should get 1 DNA with first throw. Additionally you have several combinations for getting to field 6 with 2 or even 3 dice rolls. Therefore the chance for a free DNA from first field with a fair dice would be around one third I think.
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    This is Tap4Money, guys, so chance is not 1/6. Remember chest event, especially last 3 months!

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