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Thread: GL Commanders HQ [CHQ] weekly FB posts List #77

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    GL Commanders HQ [CHQ] weekly FB posts List #77

    Hi All [CHQ] members,
    We are not doing any sign-ins. Here are the Rules to get reward from our group.
    HOW TO GET Redeem Points :
    1 Every member who is active on FB can get points, these points can be use for redeem credits rewards
    2 We'll put all posts needed to boost with members activeness on every Monday UTC and we'll have about 24 hours before report time on Tuesday UTC
    3 New Points system as follow :
    - if your post on our group gets selected as post to report then you'll get 10 points
    - if you like the selected post you'll get 2 points (only "LIKE" will count)
    - if you comment on selected post you'll get 2 points on every comment
    - if you post a bug report on our group, you'll get 20 points
    - if your suggestion on the weekly suggestion box get selected, you'll get 20 points
    4 The points collected for all 20 selected posts will be accumulated and convert into Redeem Points :
    - 0 = -1 Redeem point
    - 1 - 9 = 0 Redeem point
    - 10 - 39 = 0.5 Redeem point
    - 40 - 79 = 1 Redeem point
    - 80 above = 2 Redeem points
    5 All redeem points can be accumulated each week, and the total points will not decrease below negative (minimum is zero point for a member)
    6 Members must write relevant comments on the post and don't spam with just hi/hello or other similar short comments or emoticons only
    7 Simulation :
    - members who do nothing on selected posts = -1 Redeem point
    - members who can do likes in less than 5 posts = 0 Redeem point
    - members who can do likes in more than 5 posts = 0.5 Redeem point
    - members who can likes on all 20 selected posts = 1 Redeem point
    - members who can likes + 1 comment on all selected posts = 2 Redeem points
    8 Bonus for TOP 1-3 members (admins won't be counted) will get 4 Redeem points
    9 Bonus for TOP 4-6 members (admins won't be counted) will get 3 Redeem points
    10 Bonus for TOP 1 member will get 1k of credits reward on the following week when this group manage to get in top 3 ranking or get 1 extra Redeem point if this group is not in top 3
    11 Bonus for TOP 3 member who get the most FB post count on a week will get 1 extra Redeem point if the total count is at least 10 posts
    12 Bonus for members who can reach 1000 points total in a week will get 2 extra Redeem points

    HOW TO USE Redeem Points :
    1 Members can redeem their reward with 10 Redeem points.
    2 There will be 3 redeem FB posts and the first who comment with member's info will be serve first to get credit reward for that week.
    3 Member's info : [FB Name], [Forum Name], [Game Name+Server], [World+Platform], [Game Level]
    4 A screencapture of your user ID (menu Setting > User ID) must be included in comment, please refer to this guide for how to get your user id screen shoot :
    5 Redeem post will be schedule on 3 timezone all major timezone.
    6 Redeem posts will be online on Every day 1 (Monday UTC)
    First Redeem UTC 3.00 Asia Timezone
    Second Redeem UTC 9.00 EU Timezone
    Third Redeem UTC 15.30 US Timezone End of Primus Time
    7 Max Redeem points accumulated will be capped at 20 points. After 20 no more points will be added when you get more points from FB Activity.
    8 When reaching 20 points, a member can redeem 3k of credits using his/her points + 2 points for addition cost. for example. Mr.X have 20 points, and still haven't redeem yet so he can use 10 points and try to score 1st comment on 3 redeem post on day 2 OR using 12 points to redeem 3k of credits without have to compete in the 3 redeem posts.
    9 To Get 20 points redeem system after reaching 20 points comment on Monday post with complete info + userID screenshot to get your credits.

    If anyone what to join our group just head to our group and send your application, Samuel Low will contact you for further detail.
    Main: Sangfrod.s23 World 668 (IOS)
    + many other accounts
    Main Admin of CHQ

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