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Thread: Treasure Dig (A)

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    Treasure Dig ����

    Both he and the other friend committed the murder, he noticed that his friend had marks on his suit in the picture so he purchased the same suit in white as his other suit had dirt or blood on it from the night of the murder.
    He burned his suit and bought a another white one, the same as he had before the murder as there was also pictures taken of him in his white suit the night of the event. If the police asked for the suit he was wearing on the night it would have no dna, soil or any other convicting evidence on it being brand new. . Seeing his friends picture got his to check his own suit and he wanted to get rid of the evidence.
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    Gde ti polucil etot sunduk ? Na igre ?
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    I think he want to demonstrate that he is not the criminal, and his suite is white, he want to demonstrrate he is clean myhay2269.s851 world530 (IOS)

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    He bought the white suite to show the police he is clean meaning not guilty an idiot move from his side bradley.s368

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    The dirty black suit reminded him that his suit may be stained by blood when he murdered the person. He ran out to buy a white suit to prove that his suit has not been stained.


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    I like Kazy's response as it seems to fit the best: "white is the color you wear to a funeral in some countries.
    the msn contact is the victim. to honor his friend memory he buys the same suite but in white for his friend's funeral"


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    I think he go to Take a white suit because it was a modality to prevent His partner that the police are folowing them !
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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post

    Q: A man that has criminal records just returned home from the police precinct. Recently, he was questioned by the police a few times due to his connection to a murder case. He was released because of insufficient evidence. After he got home, he logged on to MSN chat as usual. All of a sudden he noticed a friend’s avatar photo, wherein the friend wears a dirty black suit. He immediately ran out and bought an identical suit, but in white. What do you think the reason was for this?
    because he really likes the suit but his favorite color is white.

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    he wore shite suit because he wanted to be opposite of his friend. wanted not to be murder. white is not close mean to kill
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    ridler, where is the riddler..
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