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Thread: Treasure Dig (A)

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    giftbox Treasure Dig (A)

    Recently Gal went to Dr. Dexter’s lecture. The weird old man tried to show off his “vast knowledge” by presenting the class with a few riddles to work on. Gal could not figure them out and they are giving me headaches. Commander brothers and sisters, could you help Gal out? Gal would really like to put Dr. Dexter to shame by solving his riddles…

    #Event Introduction

    1: Brothers and sisters, please help Gal to solve the following question. Write your answer and explanations in your comments under this thread.

    Q: A man that has criminal records just returned home from the police precinct. Recently, he was questioned by the police a few times due to his connection to a murder case. He was released because of insufficient evidence. After he got home, he logged on to MSN chat as usual. All of a sudden he noticed a friend’s avatar photo, wherein the friend wears a dirty black suit. He immediately ran out and bought an identical suit, but in white. What do you think the reason was for this?

    2: Gal will distribute treasure chests based on the time and the time X2 I made my post. For example, if Gal posts at 12:23, the 12th, 23rd, 24th and 46th commanders that post will receive treasure chests.

    3: If the commander Gal selected by time does not meet the event requirement (must provide answer and explanation on the question), the next closest commander that meets the requirement will receive a treasure chest.

    4: The commanders being awarded will find a “treasure chest mark” next to their comment. Gal will contact the commanders within 7 days via PM to send the treasure chest.


    1: Treasure chests can be naughty! It’s possible that the treasure will hide after the chest is opened. Brothers and sisters, don’t feel discouraged if you come across a naughty chest. There are plenty of chances to get treasure chests in the future!

    2: Please include your character name and server with your comment.

    3: Each day from 9/10-9/17, Gal will post new riddles and distribute treasure chests. Commander brothers and sisters, Gal awaits your participation!

    Pay attention: the time of Gal's Post is 12:22

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Opposites attract and he was attracted to his friend and wanted to attract their attention. After all the problems he had been through with the murder he wanted some special time
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    because as we all know when interviewed by the police, they always put tracking/bugging software on your cell phone before releasing you to get more dirt on you...when it comes to the police were all guilty !! its there job to see by how he and his friend did commit the murder by updating his photo was a way of telling his friend the police were watching him.....

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    I think that it was a trick to make police focus all attention on him in white suit, this way he will drive away attention from his friend who could have been his co-participant in crime. It could help to avoid questioning of his friend and possible appearence of some evidece.
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    He just knew from his friend that the murderer didn't ware in suit

    Taactic's post is 21:22 (BKK)

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    "1: Treasure chests can be naughty! It’s possible that the treasure will hide after the chest is opened. Brothers and sisters, don’t feel discouraged if you come across a naughty chest. There are plenty of chances to get treasure chests in the future!"

    Nice way to say -> You won't get anything
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    He bought a suit because he wanted to be the opposite of his friend so that police will not think his friend is a killer.
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    It has nothing to do with being a criminal he just wants to be black and white brothers with his bro!

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    Hope he isn't wearing it after labor day.... that's a big no no.

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    white is color of funeral in some country.
    the msn contacr is the victim. to honor his friend memory he buy the same suite but in white fir his funeral's friend
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