Gal is one busy girl.

Besides attending galaxy training camp and gathering galaxy news, Gal is also responsible for announcing gaming progress. Gal’s favorite activity is conversing with her commander brothers and sisters. I like the party life, I'm always looking for fun things to share with everyone.

Lately, Gal has announced a unique event at the new GL forum, I invite everyone to join in and have fun.

Event Introduction:

Each day from 9/10 to 9/17 (except for Saturday and Sunday), Gal will post a “Treasure Dig” thread in the new GL forum (in general discussion).
Within each Treasure Dig thread, Gal will explain the event guidelines.
Commanders who join the event following the guidelines will have a chance to receive treasure chests.

Treasure chests will be distributed to the winners via PM within the new GL forum.


Treasure chests can be naughty! It’s possible that the treasure chest is empty after it’s opened. Brothers and sisters, don’t feel discouraged if you come across a naughty chest. There are plenty of chances to get treasure chests in the future!