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Thread: Commander Focus #31: Burglar Kate

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    Commander Focus #31: Burglar Kate


    Hello , commanders.

    In this week handbook we are going to discuss about the newest Flagship version: Burglar Kate. After the Dark Flagship, Tap released Kate and she definitely . The Dark Flagship was interested as it had a good special for the time he was released; he could remove both Raksha’s and Louise’s shield. For that time this was really interesting, but his skill can also remove negative buffs, so, sometimes he just helps the enemies. The Dark flag can increase some attributes a bit, but, in my opinion, he was not a must have… I mean, the difference between having and not having him as not huge and one of the main reason was that he doesn’t increase speed.

    Kate came to be a must have in the competitive area. She is crazily strong!!! The first big reason to buy her is the speed. The cat can add 22521 speed at level 110. My SS Bernard gives me extra 23416 when we compare him with the newest commander Jones. With these numbers in mind we can calculate that a red SS gives only extra 895 speed than Kate, when we compare the SS with a red S5 commander and Kate with Regular or Dark Flagship. I particularly thinks that this is an absurd, as people who bought SS commanders does it much because of the speed and if we don’t buy Kate or probably the future fast Flagships we will lose that really expensive advantage.
    Kate also has really good attributes. She increases hp, atk, s-atk, def and s-def compared with both Regular and Dark Flag. And if you run Milenna with her this gets very impressive. This weekend at Pandora I used Paint coats level 2 after a long time. This gave me a surprise: my +8 Kate Burglar had more HP than my +15 Dark Sky. Yes, she is crazy like this!
    In my case, the speed is already enough reason to buy her, but she doesn’t relay her craziness just on that. She is a tank! Kate can naturally reduce 20% of the s-damage se takes. That’s is a lot. Imagine that a commander has about 28 – 35 Mi HP at level 110, so let’s imagine Kate with 30 Mi HP. If Kate receives less than 37.5 Mi from a special damage she can still survive. With the damage and s-damage increase/reduction the math is a bit more complicated than that, but this is close enough for us to see how good this reduction is. Another thing I can’t forget to mention is that she, like regular flag, also gets a boost of 1% on her s-damage per augument, so, at +15, her s-damage is 15% higher than the most of the commanders (I think all of them, but I’m not 100% sure).
    Well, I’ve already written a lot about how good Kate is and I still didn’t comment about her special, the main reason that make us to buy commanders. Kate’s special allows her to cause 200% s-atak damage and she can also steal 5 Mi hp from the target even if he dodges. If we take again 30 Mi HP as an average total HP at level 110 for a regular commander, only this 5 Mi she steals is about 16,7% of the enemy’s total HP. That’s a good damage even if your Kate hits a stronger commander. With her good attributes and a 200% modifier Kate can cause a really serious damage to the enemies and recover HP. A tank commander that recovers HP is a big problem. If the offensive power of the skill is not enough for you, she can also give a great shield for 2 allies with less HP that prevents 2 sources of damage and lasts for 1 round. Wow!!!!
    Making things short: Kate is a must have because of her special, her attributes, her tank capability, her support ability, her offensive power and maybe we can think in other reasons together. She is good firing in the beginning of the battle, also in the middle and of course in the end. She is very versatile.

    What about your opinion? Are you planning to buy her? Do you have her yet? Does she give you a lot of trouble? Let’s discuss about this amazing commander!!

    See you in the Galaxy!
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