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Thread: Game cuts off when you try get credits or rewards!

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    Game cuts off when you try get credits or rewards!

    For over a week now the game cuts off when ever I try to get my 80 credits and my rewards after completing missions! Not good for me especially when I been on it for over 3 years so... fix this asap!

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    This is just my own experience, so please don't mind
    I realized, that the game crashes every time, if one or some images couldn't be loaded, mostly thumbnails of commanders or items.
    If the game crashes too many times, I delete the game and download it again.
    After downloading the game I try to open every section of the game like inventory, arena, galaxy league and so on. The best time is after the game reset at 0:00, or if you gonna do your daily tasks.
    The most important step in my opinion is to open the commanders handbook and tap every single commander to force downloading every necessary image of each commander. Maybe you need to double check if the images have been downloaded. Bottom line... reinstall the game and force the game to download every needed image to prevent crashes.
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