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Thread: Wormhole: Blood 2017-07-15 (2 days)

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    Wormhole: Blood 2017-07-15 (2 days)

    Wormhole: Blood 2017-07-15 (2 days)

    Depending on how developed the fleet is the opponent will start one shot killed from wave 11 onwards. For my own level 110 account, 3B force, i was one shot from wave 12 onwards. Poor Sturdy. I decided Kate Bulgar's shield was more useful on Caroline and Star Lord. Azrael was killed pretty quickly twice.

    Died at wave 12 & wave 13.

    I think i lost first shot on wave 4.

    Oh and their hit rates is higher now.

    Oh this time at the end there are videos for wave 12 & wave 13 death

    Wormhole: Blood 2017-07-15 (2days) Opponent formation and accumulator status
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    easy pickings.... lost at wave 13 and finished with the the remaining try....
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