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Thread: Commander Focus #30: Cynthia

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    Commander Focus #30: Cynthia


    Striker. Single attack. After hitting a main target, the attack will create a chain of lightning. The lightning will jump to enemy targets in proximity of the main target. If there are no more enemy targets, then the lightning will disappear. The lightning will successively deal 210%, 180%, 150% S-ATK damage to each target it jumps to, and it also has a 80% chance to freeze targets which get hit for 1 round. Additionally, increases all friendly ships' ATK by 50% for 1 round.

    Hello, Commanders.

    In this week handbook it's time to talk about the great striker Cynthia. The wonderful commander brought back a kind of special I like to have in my team: the chain of lightning, which can jump from one commander to another if they are near. In her case the attack can hit maximum 3 opponents, but her initial modifier is even bigger than the one from SS Seagal. Cynthia's attack has the following modifiers: 210%, 180% and 150%. SS Seagal's has 200%, 170%, 140%, 100% and 100%. The SS can hit even 4 enemies, but it is extremely rare to see formations that use 5 commanders near each other, so, in practical terms, 3 attacks are the most common to happen. With that in mind I prefer to have 3 stronger attacks, than 5 a bit weaker that will really rarely happen. The 100% modifier is also not very strong for nowadays conditions, where people have a lot of hp from reshape, augument, cabin and so on.
    The biggest reason for me to like this kind of attack is that it can break many formations that are used to reduce the effectiveness of cross attack from the enemy. For example: if my enemy uses Cynthia I'll normally try to use a formation in X to avoid her from hitting 3. But this also opens my formation a lot against a cross attacker. This actually was exactly what I used against Bambel on last CCC. I lost the first fight for him and on second I started with Cynthia. When she starts from the middle she normally will hit 3 from the enemy when we think on the most common formations. Just think on the most commons formations you see and think on Cynthia starting from the middle. She is very effective there. Not only she, but the commander with the chain of lightning attack. On the third and decisive fight Bamvel was afraid of my Cynthia starting, so he used the X formation and I started the battle with a cross attack to break him.
    This kind of attack is really very interesting for strategy, but in her case it's not only because she can hit 3 commanders in a lot of different formations, but because of her freezing skill. Cynthia has an amazing capability of freezing the opponents in 80% if the time. This is awesome. That makes her an even better starter. The ability to freeze is awesome when it’s hard to one shot commanders and when we need to fight extremely hard to kill commanders like Louise, Caroline, Brian… As they have abilities to survive a freeze is a very important difference in the match.
    So Cynthia can hit really hard and freeze. That would be enough to say that she is a very good commander. But Tap decided that this was not enough. The wonder Cynthia can also give a 50% attack buff of the whole team. That’s a level 2 attack paint coat for one round. A lot!!! Especially when Cynthia is one of the first to fire this buff will be applied for all non destroyers allies’ specials, as the attack is used on both normal attack and special attack.
    Another thing to take in consideration is the Lieutenants. You can use with her Volkof if you run a second Striker, so you have 50% chance to lock the enemy’s strikers’ special for 1 round. You can also put Pele-bot on her. Yes, he is a good choice in my opinion, because our attack is really high now, so 3% is a lot. My Dark Sky has over 6M of attack, then we are talking about over 180k extra attack. How upgraded a r7 striker galactonite needs to be to give this amount of attack? She can also be used with other more common Lieutnants, as Krill, Kit…
    A commander is not made only of his special. Cynthia has also very high offensive attributes. She has a 30.4% critical, 34.5% penetration and a very high dodge of 144%. She is a killing machine when she faces an enemy with similar strength (not force amount, but augument, aerosiderites…). As other Strikers she is not good on defensive abilities, but, that would be too much, right?
    Talking about her weaknesses we can say that her skill is too random, so she will definitely make your strategy goes wrong sometimes. She may not freeze, sometimes her lightening doesn’t travel to the best side, or maybe she doesn’t release a critical when you most need or misses a target when necessary. Such a strong skill needs a bad side, so this is hers, in my opinion. Does it make her not worth it? In most of the cases not, but maybe you can lose a very important fight because of it sometimes. And keep in mind that we tend to remember much more the times when something goes wrong, so even if she works great in 80 battles we will remember that one the most when she didn’t freeze the enemy we most needed. :P
    What you think about her? Did I miss something? Are you pretending to buy her? Do you think she is not worth to have? Let’s discuss about the wonder commander Cynthia!

    See you in the Galaxy!
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    I noticed that Cynthia has a base True damage of 47279 which is much higher than most comanders if this makes a difference.

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    I think tap4fun overdrove a bit with accu refill recently. New commanders have to be so extremely strong if they don't have it. The latest Stardust Galactonite is probably a try to mitigate this a little bit by giving normal shots more accu gain. An effect Commanders like Dor, Caro, FD or Brian cannot use. Given that I think Cynthia is strong but not strong enough to make wide audience excite.

    Additionally I think lock specials are risky with such high HP levels. If your locked opponent survives the locking he/she might get an overwhelming comeback with highly overcharged accu. Where Cynthia locks some targets Sturdy usually kills them... as far as I noticed this still happens with latest reshape if Sturdy mixes some critical hits among his strikes.
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