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Thread: CCCompetition - June 2017 - Level 100+ - Android - Top Fights

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    CCCompetition - June 2017 - Level 100+ - Android - Top Fights

    Hello everyone and welcome to the June 2017 installment of the Cross Cosmos Competition.

    Fight 1: Crippling first hit from Anakin tells us that he will win the match just because Bamvel lost TWO ships from the get-go. However, the amazing team that is Louise + Caroline shows us that no match is over 'till it's over. And this happens DESPITE the fact that Bernard de-acumulates Louise plenty of times. Caroline + Louise is a very nice combo once it gets going.

    Fight 2: Almost identical fleets... however, even with Dark Razz on his team Single doesn't get first strike. Not that it would help against a heavyweight such as Fristert. What I am amazed about is that Single is a VERY tough opponent and his Caroline scores a CRITICAL hit against Fristert's flagship. Result? The flagship is barely scratched. This fight goes to show just how important +15 augmentations are, especially for the whole team. Having Fristert's galactonite and MC levels doesn't hurt either.

    Fight 3: The championship match. I was hoping to see more of a struggle from Amedo to take down Anakin. I am really surprised that, basically, Anakin was outmatched. Judging by the fact that Anakin's fleet could best Fristert makes you wonder what is happening under the hood of Amedo's fleet. Some say that there are some TS5 modules going to work there. And, another surprise is Amedo's flagship taking out Anakin's Caroline in one hit (non-crit too).

    Fight 4: Seems Silukirp had a little more compatible fleet to counter Amedo. Louise always looks like an MvP against Sky and Dark Sky (if these guys touch you with their special it's game over). Louise is followed by Cynthia and she gets to freeze TWO of Amedo's ships, and injure one of them a lot. Again, what I don't understand, is how Amedo's Cynthia is SO hard to kill. A buffed Scar goes down in 3 hits (he was half hp, yes, but his defense is VERY high due to his special), but Cynthia tanks 2 shots from Sturdy and has more than half HP left.... I was certain she would die. She gets protected by Caroline's dodge and Kate's shields afterwards ... all that Silukirp does is charge her accumulator, and come next round she unleashes a devastating blow against Silukirp. Nice fight though for Silukirp's fleet (that seems to be behind in terms of development).

    Fight 5: Freebars seems weaker (force-wise), but he has first strike. And what a first strike that is ... Cynthia cripples Star by killing his Sturdy and freezing Dor and Kate. Soon after, Star's Caroline is left alone against Freebars full fleet. Seems to me that speed is still very much an asset (provided one has a strong enough punch to profit from it).

    Fight 6: Yes, Sclipici is lower level, but he has one of the best augmented fleets around. Cynthia shows us again that she, coupled with first strike means doom for the enemy ... I wonder why these guys don't use a dice formation against her. Sclipici loses a ship and gets 2 frozen and severely injured just because of that. The battle quickly goes downhill for Sclipici afterwards - one thing to note though, Caroline can still hold her own against a full (and very much strong) fleet and also klll a ship or two. What a strong commander she is still.

    Fight 7: Very nice fight from Striker. He shows us that a full SS commander team doesn't mean one straight out loses. I don't understand why ButterNutz opened with Roland though... Sky or IS would be a much better choice in my book. His Roland barely scratches Striker's Flagship and Cynthia (again )really makes him pay for it, killing 2 ships and disabling and freezing the third. The remaining commanders seem to fall short on ButterNutz side and can't bring him the win.

    Fight 8: Another testament to how tough Cynthia is. Sky Mightilis special and she still survives, after which she proceeds to crit hit (regular hit) for 17m on a very tough SS commander. Impressive lady. It seems that afterwards, ButterNutz's team seems to run out of steam ... fires all specials and Freebars still stands. Caroline just picks up momentum and kills his ships one by one. She would of done it even faster if the damage reduction shields where not present.

    Fight 9: Seems the game is being run by tough ladies in this meta. Sky shoots his overcharged special and all he hits Amedo's Flagship for is 12.5m (just a scratch at those levels).. also Scar seems to resist it just fine (not many ships can tell about it after being hit). What is even MORE amazing is that everything seems to go RIGHT for ButterNutz. His Sky blocks Amedo's strikers for one round, Roland hits a 3 ship row and locks and debuffs it. But, again, he runs out of steam and the enemy still stands...something that, again, proves to be bad for his fleet. He should really think about adding in Caroline.

    Fight 10: Best fight in my humble opinion. Truly a nail biter. What makes it even more amazing is that Avigail seems to be VERY much behind Ctac in force (or at least reshapes). I imagine Avigail would of won provided those where also done on her part. Enjoy the fight!

    I hope you enjoyed it guys!
    Feedback is welcome!
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