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Thread: Refine Galas

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    Refine Galas

    Hello Community,

    after last update...If you refine your Galas you will become 100% of Energy output if you use a augmented Galactonite?!
    To make it clear for all. Before update I used a lvl 9 R6 Galactonite for refine into another. I became not the full 2,4 m Energy that were into the lvl 9 R6. I became the amount of a Lvl 8 R6 BUT today i put a Meteor R6 lvl 9 via refine into another R6 Meteor and it seems like I get 2,4 m Gala Energy back for the R6 Lvl 9 i used..?
    Can somebody confirm that..?!
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    You get all energy of the refined Galactonite back (the one in the left refine pod) but refine a R7 from a R6 costs you 72k if I remember correctly so there is a notable "loss".

    You get 80% of the energy of every salvaged Galactonite back (those in the right refine pod).

    As far as I know this has not been changed.
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