With the every changing dynamic of Galaxy Legends. I wonder whom is currently better Ursa or Dor.

Ursa was a champion able to make Beta type fleets take down an Alpha fleet. But now with the new unlocking of armor reshape and other boosting effects you need two hits while Ursa is Hulked up for a kill. From my own experience he does not seem to be the champ he once was. In galaxy league he still helps in fleets close to my force, but anything substantially (+200) stronger I lose, even worse a fleet that's weaker but with Caroline I lose.

Dor on the other hand seem like one of the best support units out there. Will full accumulator recovery and hit-rate plus critical boost he can make your team full of killers. Toss Kit plus four on him and you got a protector shutdown. Dor seem to be the best solution so far to the current "I win" commander Caroline. Giving your crew a chance to hit her. My only problem with Dor is he has no punch. His attacks are weak, showing you should just plan on using him for support of your other commanders.

Thoughts on the Rangers? Which would you use and why?