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Thread: All about galactonites - Library of relevant forum articles

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    All about galactonites - Library of relevant forum articles

    Here I will assemble together relevant information to be found on this forum about galactonites.

    Galactonite management is, perhaps, one of most complicated part of this game for new players. Over time, quite few really useful tips have been shared on this forum regarding galactonites but one has to know where to look and what to look for in order to find those gems

    I did my best to make this search easier for newcomers and I hope they will find it of some use. Since this thread is intended to be a library containing only links to other articles on this forum, I will make it non-editable for the rest and I expect that you will understand my reasons for doing it

    Galactonites explained

    As all of you already know, every commander has the same set of attributes. Part of those attributes are static (they have absolute values) while other have percentage values.
    Both static and percentage attributes affect the way how a ship is performing in a battle.
    There are several ways to improve each attribute, one of them being galactonites.
    Galactonites are managed through Galactonite Center in main interface of the game.

    Incomplete galactonite guide - an introductory article about galactonites and how to use them

    Galactonites refining tips and how-to

    Galactonite refining guide by Galactic Chairmen Nachteule

    Guide on Galactonite refining

    Galactonite Center Refine Guide/Tips

    Galactonites available in the game and improvement cost

    Incomplete galactonite list

    Galactonite Handbook - a comprehensive guide on Dual attribute galactonites

    GALACTONITE GUIDE Energy needed and Level improvements

    Advanced tips on galactonites

    R6 Dual Galactonite-Combinations

    Galactic Chairmen Guide R 7 Galactonite Cost Efficiency

    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Understanding the Ship's Accu
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