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Thread: Need some advice on which ships to keep in fleet?

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    Question Need some advice on which ships to keep in fleet?

    Hi all,
    i am currently at lvl96 with 660M force. i have all lvl8 dual galas full set and all ts4 modules.
    i am confused with what ships to choose for my main fleet lineup.

    i have A'rturis, azrael, maggie, stratus, alfred, fd, geoffrey, ivan.

    for lt. i have kit,krill,volkof . i dont have jackie atm.
    i can get 4 ships to +7 and i already have krill at +7.
    please suggest which ones should i keep.

    i love the skills of my current fleet very much but i feel its lacking something. i dont have enough credits to recruit right now.
    i love the locking ability of Arturis and defence reduction of stratus, best one i like is atk and satk reduction of maggie, and azrael is used by pretty much every one on my server and for good reasons.
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    Try FD with lt Kit
    Azrael with violete
    Stratus with paccar /arturis with another suitable lt if speed is an really important factor for you (i doubt that considering your level )
    Alfred with krill

    You have already a cross locker (stratus)
    A cross disabler (azrael) therefore both arturis and maggie are redundant
    Fd with kit will block opponent protector (and will deliver some hard hits also)
    While alfred will help you to finish the opponent.
    As a side effect - you will run a fleet that is easier to upkeep in terms of augmentation
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