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Thread: Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Economics of Manoinver's Cabin

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    Galactic Chairmen Guide :: Economics of Manoinver's Cabin

    Basic Introduction / Terminology

    Manoinver's Cabin (MC) is a relatively new feature of Galaxy Legend introduced in last autumn. MC allows a player to use a resource called Dark Aerosiderite (DA) for improving the static attributes (HP, ATK, E-ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, True Damage, Damage/S-Damage Up/Down) of a ship. Additionally special items - so-called Legendary Equipment (LE) - can be attached to a ship for boosting the stats a little further and to give some special effects.

    The feature can be used beginning with player level 90 and it has three stages:
    • Warrior's Power
    • Sage's Fortune
    • King's Heart

    Usually only the first part of the stage name is used (so being Warrior's, Sage's and King's).

    Each stage has 16 cogs with different numbers of levels (5, 10 or 15) which unlock successively once a player has completed the previous cog. The Warrior's stage is unlocked for all commanders, the other two stages are unlocked after the last cog of the previous stage has been started levelling.

    Each stage is associated with a color (yellow, red, green) and so are the Legendary Equipments. Albeit those can be used at every unlocked stage they give the best boost if used at the color-matching stage.

    The different cogs and the different stages have different costs and give different boosts. The focus of this article is on the "economical aspects" of the feature. Therefore Legendary Equipments are not considered albeit they are an integrated part of Manoinver's Cabin.

    Benefits from Manoinver's Cabin

    Manoinver's Cabin boosts HP, ATK/E-ATK, S-ATK, DEF, S-DEF, True Damage, Damage/S-Damage Up/Down. The offensive stats get a higher boost than the defensive stats. The bonus from MC is a significant part of fleet development (not like Hull Enhancement of flagship). Therefore similar to augmentation your Manoinver's Cabin development cannot be high enough until it's completed.

    For non-flagship commanders the bonus from the MC stages is displayed in the following table (D = Destroyer, P = Protector, Ra = Ranger, Ro = Rover, S = Striker).

    D P Ra Ro S Warrior's Sage's King's
    HP 316540 633236 1266536
    ATK 111423 222846 445692
    E-ATK 83538 167115 334269
    DEF 31824 63648 127335
    S-ATK 111423 222846 445692
    S-DEF 31824 63648 127335
    True Damage 61552 123136 246304
    Damage ↑ 1.6% 3.2% 4.8%
    Damage ↓ 1.6% 3.2% 4.8%
    S-Damage ↑ 3.2% 6.4% 9.6%
    S-Damage ↓ 3.2% 6.4% 9.6%

    For flagship the boost is approximately 50% higher compared to normal commanders:

    F Warrior's Sage's King's
    HP 474920 949932 1899928
    ATK 167115 334269 668538
    DEF 47736 92272 190983
    S-ATK 167115 334269 668538
    S-DEF 47736 92272 137116
    True Damage 61552 123136 246304
    S-Damage ↑ 3.2% 6.4% 9.6%
    S-Damage ↓ 3.2% 6.4% 9.6%

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    Costs of Improving Manoinver's Cabin

    The "currency" to pay for levelling the cogs in Manoinver's Cabin is Dark Aerosiderite. You need increasing amounts of DA for the levels the more progress you make and the number of levels per cog increases, too.

    More than 8M Dark Aerosiderite is needed to finish Manoinver's Cabin for the main fleet. The cumulated costs to reach a certain cog can be seen in the following table.

    Cog Number Flagship Cumulated Non-FS Cumulated
    1 1875 1250
    2 3750 2500
    3 5625 3750
    4 7500 5000
    5 9375 6250
    6 11250 7500
    7 13125 8750
    8 15000 10000
    9 18750 12500
    10 22500 15000
    11 26250 17500
    12 30000 20000
    13 41250 27500
    14 52500 35000
    15 63750 42500
    16 75000 50000
    1 84375 52500
    2 93750 58750
    3 103125 65000
    4 112500 71250
    5 121875 77500
    6 131250 83750
    7 140625 90000
    8 150000 96250
    9 168750 108750
    10 187500 121250
    11 206250 133750
    12 225000 146250
    13 281250 183750
    14 337500 221250
    15 393750 258750
    16 450000 296250
    1 500625 305625
    2 551250 315000
    3 601875 324375
    4 652500 333750
    5 703125 343125
    6 753750 352500
    7 804375 371250
    8 855000 390000
    9 956250 427500
    10 1057500 465000
    11 1158750 532500
    12 1260000 600000
    13 1563750 802500
    14 1867500 1005000
    15 2171250 1207500
    16 2475000 1410000

    Collecting Dark Aerosiderites a Lifetime Task?

    The answer to this question depends on the average daily DA income. With a daily collection rate of 10k DA completing Manoinver's Cabin will take more than 800 days or 2 years and some month. In order to finish MC within one year you need a daily average of 22.2k DA.

    The natural source of DA is the Forest of Stellar Territory where you can mine planets for DA. Depending on your force the income from the free supplies my vary between 2.5k DA daily and 16k DA daily.

    The income also depends on the mining mode. If you play in the "Nice Play Mode" you attack only abandoned planets you can safely hold and get the regular mining income plus an add-on from failing invasions. In the "Safe Play Mode" you attack planets of the category you can conquer safely usually but attack only planets which come with a rich loot. So you rob other players intentionally for your own benefit. "The Controlled Risk Mode" stands for attacking lucrative planets in the district of the stronger sharks. For minimizing the risk of failing invasions only those planets are attacked which have been occupied by the current owner without battle (hopefully by a much weaker player who hopes to slip through). You can see if a planet has been occupied without fighting if the current invasion ante is exactly half the production of the time. E. g. Iron Eagle planets produce 1300 DA per hour. If the invasion costs after 30 minutes is 325 DA the planet has been occupied without battle which makes it more likely that the current owner is relatively weak.

    Generally I recommend to farm in the times with less activity so not around Pandora Events, Primus Invasion, Primus... and more in the evening than in the morning.

    The following table shows the incomes for the planet types and the invasion modes. It is consistent with my personal experiences that it's slightly better to rely on planets that can be conquered and hold safely (Safe Play Mode) than risking too much for a slightly higher income (Controlled Risk Mode).


    Based on the optimal income from previous table you can see here the duration for completing MC based on the average income.


    There are more sources for DA:
    • 2.2k/day can be obtained from daily activity bonus.
    • Wormholes and player activity events give small fractions of DA, too.
    • Purchase boni.
    • Dedicated DA shop events.
    • Limited-time shop packs (VIP-Packs, ...)

    If DA is offered for purchase I use a conversion factor of 100 Credits per 1k DA. Offers with a better ratio I consider for purchase like I purchase Pandora Cores and Crystals if offered cheaply. The monthly event for shop packs has a much worse ratio. So take care this event is not the most economical source for DA even taking into account the bonus DA from completing the various purchase tasks.

    Considerations for Spending Dark Aerosiderites

    After discussing the costs of levelling the cogs in the stages of Manoinver's Cabin I want to focus now on the spending - or better investing - of the hard-earned Dark Aerosiderites.

    The costs of levelling are increasing with each stage but what about the boosts of the stats?


    From the graphics you can see that you get the most revenue from Dark Aerosiderites spent for Warrior's. The boosts from Sage's and King's are better but way more expensive. Even within the stages there are cogs with better or worse boost/cost ratio.


    So give the first 6 cogs from King's a better HP/DA ratio than nearly all cogs from Sage's! Therefore unless you really need that S-DEF upgrade from last cog of Sage's (e. g. for Raksha) it is highly recommended to move to King's immediately after last cog of Sage's has been started and so King's has become open.

    Reverting Manoinver's Cabin for a Commander

    Since most recent upgrade we have two options for resetting Manoinver's Cabin for a commander - normal reset and perfect reset.
    The normal reset costs 20% of all invested DA for this commander, the perfect reset costs 500 Credits. Starting with a 20% loss above 5k to 10k DA I would pay the perfect reset costs as those costs then are lower than the credits equivalent of lost DA.


    Manoinver's Cabin is a feature that keeps players busy daily over a long time span. It plays nicely as you have a daily or nearly daily progress in fleet development (unlike augmentation which is not as frequent due to higher costs for a step). The acquisition of Dark Aerosiderites requires patience and occasionally well-dosed purchases. I recommend the "Safe Play Mode" for best farming results.
    Collected Dark Aerosiderites can be used with best efficiency if distributed evenly among commanders. There might be tactical reasons to focus on a single commander like Raksha or Caroline but the boost/DA ratio gets worse with higher levels. The highest cogs with a reasonable boost/cost ratio are the first six cogs of King's (normal commanders, only).
    Besides a comparably small "handling fee" of 500 Credits in case of a perfect reset Manoinver's Cabin has no running costs. All collected Dark Aerosiderites are life-time achievements.
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    Some notes on the previous article:
    • All data could be confirmed by screenshots or own data.
    • I took HP for the charts as it is improved in all cogs allowing for smoother graphics. The general shape of the graphs would be the same for ATK, DEF, ...
    • Writing this guide took several weeks of research/basic data collection (collecting cog data for the ship classes, log my FoST performance, test the different farming modes...). If you are interested I can provide more detailed data on request.

    Finally I want to thank all supporters:
    • Anakin for peeking into fristert's account providing King's high end cog data
    • Lola, Nopo and Pliusomiot for providing data for commander classes I did not use.
    • My server and alliance mate Pablitus for also providing missing data.
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    The handling of so much detailed information is spectacular. It is a luxury to have you as my president and my friend. It is a pleasure to read your articles. regards

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    Well done, Nachteule

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    Wow. Great work, Nachteule!

    2 years + to fill all cogs? Hmm.. lifetime sentence
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    Great job Nachteule.
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    Just get 1 Cmdr to Full King's Stage.
    Then pay 500 credits to shift to new Cmdr.
    Then won't need 2years

    U don't need every Cmdr to be King's Stage
    Especially if you buy new Cmdrs

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    Hi Nachteule,

    for the various play modes, I presume it's 5 free chances and 1x 200 credit paid chance?

    Also the morning and evening does it refer to server time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nopo View Post
    Hi Nachteule,

    for the various play modes, I presume it's 5 free chances and 1x 200 credit paid chance?
    No it's without purchasing supplies.

    These were my models:
    • Nice Play Mode: Only attack abandoned sure to hold planets, 5 minings per day, 20% loot add-on from invading players
    • Safe Play Mode: Only attack already mined sure to hold planets, 5 minings per day, 80% loot add-on from invading
    • Controlled Risk Mode: Attack category of planets next to sure-to-hold planets if hold by player without loot, 5 minings per day, 80% loot from invading, 20% lost invasions / getting invaded

    Quote Originally Posted by Nopo View Post
    Also the morning and evening does it refer to server time?
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