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Thread: Is geoffrey still relevant?

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    Question Is geoffrey still relevant?

    I have been using geoffrey for past 1 year or so and am happy so far. but now i have reached level 95 with a total force of 650M and geoffrey is becoming less and less effective with so many heavy hitters out there. Just wanted to start a discussion on what this might mean for his future in this game.
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    When I was level 95 the game was completely different with much lower HP that's why Geoffrey shields helped a lot to survive.
    Now there is only one defender that does his job good - Raksha - and he is successfully used on 100+ levels. I haven't seen Geoffrey in my opponents formation for quite a while, so you should find a solution to change him. If you still want to use a defender class ship, then raksha is your best choice.
    But I would recommend to think about improving attacking capabilities of your fleet because there are only speed and attack attributes that matter in this game.
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    I do have maggie and arturis with me. I was also thinking to replace my Geoffrey and FD with arturis and maggie.
    this would get four cross firing commanders, two locking commanders and three attriute decreasing commander. the only problem is i don't have enough rover chips to get four rover to (+7)(maggie,arturis,azrael,krill).
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    Maggie is nice to have at least +7 when Azrael doesn't need to be augmented to +7 as his main task is to activate a skull.
    FD at your level should still be in formation I think.

    I see you don't have a ranger so the best option for you would be to recruit Caroline or Starlord instead of Geoffrey.
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