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    Hello everyone and welcome to the April 2017 installment of the Cross Cosmos Competition.

    Fight 1: Not a very even match, but I did want to start this off with a fun one (maybe not so fun for Single ). Fristert feels very safe with his overpowered fleet and opens up with Dor, followed by Sturdy. This is what happens when you have these 2 together ... only thing that saves Single from a whole-fleet wipe by Sturdy is the new Kate Flagship with 20% S-def (so she took 2 shots to kill, this is a testament to how resilient the ship is).

    Fight 2: Pretty even match. Elva seems to be stronger judging by HP, but Silukirp has first strike... and he uses Star Lord to open up with. Is it me or this new Kate flagship barely gets scratched by special attacks? It also seems that Star Lord is somewhat of a counter to Caroline if one shoots first (and also manages to hit her) ... since she can't get her buff up and thus is a sitting duck for Silukirp's Fearsome Devil. Elva's back line comprised of Kate and Knous seem to be VERY resilient... especially when working together, but the lack of damage from other ships lose Elva the match.

    Fight 3: The first strike from Striker (lol) is crippling, but doesn't touch Caroline. She proceeds to take down Striker by herself, but gets denied on the win by the new Flagship - Kate's shields. I sincerely think bae would of won this match if Kate's shields where not present to protect Striker's strikers

    Fight 4: What a match. Drakoxa has the upper hand force wise - Anakin has first strike ... and who better to use than an overpowered striker - Dark Sky. If this guy connects on 3 ships, this happens, pretty much an instant-win. It amazes me to see just how powerfull Drakoxa's new Flagship is - Kate. She almost takes down a RED SS commander in ONE hit. Drakoxa's Star Lord and Kate hold on for dear life for a few more rounds, but the crippling loss of 3 ships cannot be overcome and the loss is inevitable.

    Fight 5: Another pretty even fight (force-wise). But first strike, and more importantly, Kate's special make it look like the fight is one sided. Just watch how having her in your team prevents the death of even ONE ship on Ctac's side.

    Fight 6: Another even match force-wise. DNV_VNPro has pretty much the perfect answer to Timebomb's team. Louise protects, Knous debuffs the hell out of Raksha and makes him killable, Caroline kills ... and this pays dividends in the fight, leaving him with 4 ships against 1. He made one mistake though ... he did not place Krill on Caroline, like Timebomb did.. and this loses him the match since he doesn't have Dor to help him hit said Caroline.

    Fight 7: This time around, Fristert doesn't feel as safe ... he's facing Ixian and his SS Bard after all. Although outmatched I wanted to show something ... and that something is, again, just how tough the new Flagship is - Kate. She takes a critical hit from a recent SS DESTROYER and still lives. Not only that.. but she takes that shot while not being at 100% HP. The rest of the match is the usual stuff Fristert accustomed us with though... buff Sturdy up ... let him kill everybody. Good thing that Star Lord actually manages to kill him with his reflection (although I feel this should happen per hit, not after the complete volley fired).

    Fight 8: Very interesting fight... Striker seems to do much better on force than freebars.. no wonder, he has a fleet comprised of damage dealers. feeabars has Caroline though and Striker doesn't have Dor. A dodge match ensues ... and freebars might of won if he did only ONE thing... and that is to stop underestimating Fearsome Devil and block his skill. He didn't block him and allowed FD free reign. That, coupled with Kate's shields allowed him to fire enough times to take Caroline down even though he was NOT buffed by Dor... guess FD is not that bad to have after all, eh?

    Fight 9: Championship match ... these are the strongest guys out there. Both at almost the same force number judging by overall HP...106m. This championship is basically about what's better... having an overall maxed fleet and galactonite ( % bonuses ) vs first strike and SS commanders. Despite losing 2 ships to Bard and having Caroline injured pretty severely, Fristert always seems to pull out a win. Having the new Flagship - Kate's shields doesn't hurt either, although I don't think Kartman's Dor could of taken out a +15 Caroline.

    Fight 10: What a nail-biter this is. Remember Fight 4? Well... this time around it takes 2 cross attacks for Anakin to kill TWO ships, this is further escalated by the fact that 4 of his ships end up hitting a super-enhanced Kate (man this girl can tank) and drakoxa pulls out a win, although by only a hair.

    I hope you enjoyed it guys!
    Feedback is welcome!
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