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Thread: Death Roar - Zagoev [24 - 26 May 2017]

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    has anyone seen him in a fight?
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    That is a pass by commander like Joya one year ago even after she was optimized.
    No need to spend to him as there will surely be a new destroyer coming.

    Anyway it is good Taps don't release a must have commander like Caroline every month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc View Post
    has anyone seen him in a fight?
    I did. The guy was around my strengh and I beat him. With new reshap even FD +7 don't one shoot kill my stronger ships, fitz, SL and azrael.
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    Reading your comments, this was a marketing trap from Tap. Definitively, I would stay away ... but one never knows what "optimization" is coming

    good luck to you ..
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