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    As you might know, they are new attributes or at least we can now see them. They are fews that I don't understand so maybe we can help each other. Here is a description to be completed with your knowledge.

    True Damage (from MC) = The amount of damage dealt when defender DEF is higher than attacker ATK (or DeF+SDef vs Atk+SAtk). It's a RED damage and if you haven't improve MC and will be something like 21. It is shown in blue if it goes to SHD(Protector class ships only)

    The blue damage is the damage dealt to protector's SHD stat.
    Protector total HP is SHD+HP+temporary shield (as given by Geoff, Annika, DA etc when firing Spec attack)
    The damage is deducted first from temp shield, then from SHD stat and last - from HP stat. All other clases may have only HP+Temp Shield to support the damage (damage is deducted from Temp shield first then from HP)
    (Thanks to Pliusomiot)

    ATK ACC-RE = The recharge rate of the accumulator thanks to an attack, common value = +25%
    DEF ACC-RE = The recharge rate of the accumulator when the ships is hited, common value = +25%
    CR ACC-RE = Additional Accum recovery after a critical attack
    BL ACC-RE = Additional accum recovery after a block
    CT ACC-RE = The recharge rate of the accumulator thanks to a counter attack, common value = +25%

    CR DMG RES = Reduction of critical damage (critical damage multiplayer = attacking ship Crit ATK - defending ship CR DMG RES (According to Suike)

    Effect AMP = improve SATK probability: e.g. Azrael (70% + 10%) = 80%
    Effect RES = increase resistance to % SATK: eg Stratus 60% block rate could be decreased to 50% if this attribute is 10%. (According to volente) => It will impact the probability to occur

    There is another way to understand it :
    Effect AMP will increase the power of the S-ATK
    Effect RES will deacrease the power of the S-ATK
    Example with Azrael according to Thedeadeone
    Effect AMP = let's say +10% Azrael curses enemies, and those cursed enemies lose 50%, stats so 50%+10%=60%,they would lose 60% of all stats instead of 50%.
    Effect RES = lets say -10% Ships get cursed by Azrael , losing 50% stats , so 50%-10%=40%, they would lose 40% of all stats instead of 50%.

    ATK/DEF ACC-RE means tap could launch ships with different value of this. Imagine rashka with DEF ACC-RE = 50%
    Feel free to share your ideas about all of this.

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