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Thread: Conquer the Cosmos guide rev 2

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    Conquer the Cosmos guide rev 2

    Strategy guide: Alliance Wars aka Conquer the Cosmos

    One of the few team based activities available in Galaxy Legend is Conquer the Cosmos. Over time, quite few guides were written about this event. One can find them assembled in this thread

    Since last CtC guide was written, some changes occured and some more information was collected so I feel that there is a need for an updated revision of this guide. In this guide I will focus on credit-free play, so please keep in mind this imporant detail


    For Conquer the Cosmos event, there are 4 different reward categories:
    a) Individual activity based rewards:
    1) Personal score based rewards
    2) Winning streaks based rewards
    3) Attack times rewards
    b) Individual final ranking rewards
    c) Number of alliance victories rewards
    d) Final alliance ranking rewards

    In addition, for achieving certain activity based milestones in the event one can earn 2 more rewards - 5* Common Augmentation Packs for completing 50% bar and 5* Advanced Augmentation Packs for completing 100% of the bar

    Considering the scores granted for every achievement, players relying only on free battle supplies can fill in at most 50% of the progress bar

    With the courtesy of T4F Admin here is a compendium of all those rewards:

    Alliance ranking rewards

    Individual ranking rewards

    Individual activity based rewards


    Personal score start at 0 during the first CtC event attended by a player and with non-zero value at the begining of the subsequent events (approximative 1% of the score obtained in previous CtC event) - I will share later on my guess why it is so.

    Once enemy fortress is destroyed, every PvP attack performed by a player could net 10..40 merit points as follows:
    a) for attacking a player of any level and loosing, one get 10 merit points
    b) for attacking a player with level no less than own level -5 and winning, one get 40 merit points (example: Player at level 100 attacks a player at level 99...95)
    c) for attacking a player 6 levels below own and winning, one get 38 merit points (example: Player at level 100 attacks a player at level 94)
    d) for attacking a player 7 levels below own and winning, one get 36 merit points
    .................................................. ...............................
    e) for attacking a player 14 levels below own and winning, one get 22 merit points
    f) for attacking a player 15 levels or more below own and winning, one get 20 merit points
    g) by attacking any player having level above own one and winning one gets 40 merit points.

    It is mandatory to destroy first the asgard fortress since it can reduce significantly the merit points achieved in fights by alliance members.


    The Alliance wars are set in 1 hour-long battles within 72 hours time frame. Every player start with 32 battle supplies at the begining of the event and every 7 min 30 sec one battle supply is restored up to a maximum of 32. Since last battle has to be started no later than 1 h 15 min before event ends, the theoretical maximum of free battle supplies available to a player in the event is 606. 32 battle supplies are recovered in 4 hours so this is the maximum logical interval between alliance battles. Due to several reasons, it is more convinient to start a war at every 3 hours or 3 hours 30 min or even at every 3 hours 45 min. A war can be started by any member of the alliance. Upon battle end, the winning alliance will receive a 2* score multiplier. In other words, every time a war is won, the merit points obtained by each player in that war are doubled. For consistent results, the wars have to be started by a designated player - this simple rule will allow to avoid spending battle supplies without consistent results (i. e. without obtaining 2* multiplier upon battle end)

    SCOUTING, account sharing and alliance communication

    The most used strategy in alliance wars is to make use of a designated account for scouting. My own LittleBoy alt was started back in time as a scout for alliance wars
    Scout will declare the war and will scout the map by attacking once every opponent on the map.
    Of cource, the scout has first to destroy enemy protector and asgard fortress.
    Scoutning results have to be communicated to other alliance members as soon as possible. Since our belowed t4f is unable to provide a functional and comfortable in-game chat, i will strongly recommend to use a third party communication software for it (Line, skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc - you choose).
    An important note here: when a battle begin, the opponent players formations are saved and frozen for the duration of the battle, so you don't have to worry about the enemy changing formations after scouting is done, as those changes will have no effect for your side.

    Map scouting has to be done quickly, so the scout has to be vip 5 (battle skip feature). In the past it was easy to raise VIP level of a player to 5 by gifting yourself 4 month cards from that scouting account during VIP *3 event. Now alliance members have to sacrifice few cents if they want a VIP 5 scout. Alternatively, ths scouting cand be done with a low level low VIP account having only a weak flagship set in the active formation (with no equipement/galactonites).

    Example of map scouting published in alliance chat

    Conquer the Cosmos is a demanding event, since all alliance members have to be on-line during scheduled wars. For best results during the event I strongly recommend account sharing. It will allow all players to have their share of normal night sleep, posibility to take care of real life issues and to score decently in the war

    Due to some changes in battle chat code done by t4f, in last couple of CtC events it was much harder to switch accounts - for some odd reason (who to hell, being in sound mind, will read all the crap written in battle chat ????) the battle chat preloads now last 24 hours of garbage written in battle chat (in the past the software was preloading only a fixed amount of comments - some 200 or so). Even so, with up to 5 min wating time when switching accounts, half of alliance members can fight during a battle for the other half, allowing comfortable play schedule for all alliance members.
    Post edit note: finally t4f developpers adjusted again battle chat settings so only last 100..200 mesages are shown. Now it doesn't take eons to login into the game. thanks tap !

    One alliance member can be apointed as alliance protector. Protector has a particularly useful ability - as long as he is alive, other alliance members can't be attacked by opponents. Protector can be resurrected during the battle. During tough battles, reviving protector in last minutes can change the outcome of the battle.

    Two different major strategies can be used with alliance Protector:
    1) To apppoint the strongest player as Protector
    I opt for this one as the protector can be ressurected during the battle, especially in close ones
    2) To appoint the weakiest player as Protector - if all but few alliance players are strong, removing one weak target from the battlefield for enemies could make them to score less. In this case the highest level weak player has to be appointed as protector, thus enlarging the level gap between him and attackers.

    During the battle, alliance Protector can be revived once for free, if certain conditions are met (I'm not 100% positive about it but i think it happens when alliance has 15k score in the battle). Additionally, alliance protector can be revived by any alliance member at cost of 1000 credits


    Note: This chapter is based on my assumptions only so be advised

    In my previous CtC guide I assumed erronately that matching is based on total alliance force. After almost 2 more years of playing, and observing matchings we had during almost one year of playing CtC in top 100 I concluded that alliance matching is based on alliance scores in current war at the moment of war declaration. So for time being i can assume the following matching method is used:

    a) select min and max score range for opponent alliance (max somewhere in +[20..25%] from own alliance score while min is in -[5..10%])
    b) sort all alliances who declared a war and aren't yet matched having score in computed range and select the nearest one (with lowest abs difference of alliance scores)
    c) if there is no suitable matching available, a waiting timer is started.
    d) after a set waiting time (let's say 3 min or so) if no matching is available, the min and max score values are adjusted (the score range is extended) and matching is continued from step b) until a suitable matching is identified.
    e) if during 5 or 6 minutes no suitable matching is found, then score limits are removed and alliance with lowest absolute difference in scores available is given as opponent
    For consistent results, this matching algorithm requires a non-zero initial alliance score at the beginning of the event, so this is my guess why 1% of final player's scores are carried over in next CtC event.
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    Now, as we have a good idea how it works, i will outline several strategies i'm suggesting to use during Conquer Cosmos events

    Alliance score in event is a mathematical sum of individual scores of all alliance members. To be honest, at this moment alliance ranking rewards are not really appealing except maybe for top 1..10 places so there is no reason to analyze them deeper. For time being, the best option an alliance has is to max out individual scores of active players while keep alliance score as low as possible.

    As mentioned above, for best results we need to achieve highest possible individual scores (because of rewards) while keeping alliance score low (because of matching). Since alliance score is direct mathematical sum of all alliance members individual scores those two goals are mutually exclusive and we need to find the "golden cut" between those two, based on all rewards that can be obtained from the event.

    First we have to check available rewards and to decide what goals (rankings/rewards) are we looking for.
    Individual score: the rewards for individual score below 70 000 are not so appealing anymore (Chroma prisms R6) so we can be content with any result below 70k. For me, 30k is a reasonable goal;
    Winning streak: if the alliance is playing with designated scout, every alliance member excluding scout can have his 300 wins streak without problems;
    Alliance victories: In my opinion, all wars have to be won, but players don't have at all to focus on this reward component. Their goal is to have 30k individual score and 300 wins streak, remember?
    Attack times: 600 mark is achievable only if almost all battle supplies are spent in due time. Lately TS4 module chips/TS4 modules are dirt cheap compared to their release price, and many active players have already full sets of TS4 modules so i will consider this reward set less relevant. Obviously, if only few attack times are required to hit 600 mark one should consider to spend up to 1000 credits on those paid battle supplies - 200 credits per ts4 module chip is still a decent price, especially if one is still looking to complete his TS4 modules set.

    1. Two members alliances
    Usable for dead servers with 1..2 active players
    Every active player builds his own alliance using a low level/low VIP alt scout and set the low level player as Protector.
    Probable opponents - similar 2 players alliances or chaotic alliances from new servers. In either case he will achieve winning streak and score goals. Since the max alliance score is limited to 40000 or so, they will face the same type of opponents in every CtC

    2. High level alliances (31 or more places)
    a) With all spots filled in
    Usual situation for merged servers. For best results they have to share as many accounts as possible. Most likely they will play in top 10 alliance score range without problems. In this case it is really useful to check alliances top and individual top at the beginning of the battle. It is possible that a player from opposing alliance is going for SS or sub SS commander of the event so he/they are ready to spend consistently for the win.
    Most powerful player set as Protector - to help in close fights - is advised.

    b) With some free spots
    Usual situation for servers that aren't merged for long time (I play on such a server at this moment). Account sharing is also required but less important. If all players are active, a place in top 100 is possible. Since alliance ranking rewards are not so attractive, I will suggest to limit player's activitiy in CtC to 30k score / 300 winning streaks / 400 Attack times.
    This will allow to decrease alliance score in next wars while still achieving individual goals.

    3. Intermediate alliances
    This is most usual situation on relatively new servers and the strategy to use was already detailed in previous guide so i will skip it here

    Possible tricks
    1. CtC - dedicated alliances
    This trick can be used by incomplete high level alliances.
    On my server there are 16 active players who take care of 25 accounts. Majority of players have mainstream fleets and are level 100 +
    Since we are constantly qualifying in top 100 as alliance, we often are facing stronger (organised) enemies and we have to struggle a bit to win.
    2 scouting accounts are available at this moment.
    I sugest to start an another alliance before CtC and all active players to be split between these 2 alliances.
    Those players who play casual and aren't active during CtC will stay in "old" alliance while players who fight every single battle will move to the "new" alliance for CtC duration. Overal alliance score will be slightly decreased and better matchings are to be expected. It could be the strategy to use if individual rewards are really worthy. For time being it is less relevant, and next strategy can be used:

    2. Delayed start
    Another strategy to be used when facing constantly stronger enemies - to start the 1st battle not at 00:00 but 1..2 hours later. Players will have to give up on 600 attack times reward but there is high chance that easier opponents will be given (after 1st hour "regular" opponents will have extra 30k .. 60k score resulted from first fight; since at the begining we have an alliance score of some 10..30k, it is unlikely to be matched with an alliance having the score twice than our)
    Side effect - lower alliance final ranking an better opponents in next events
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    Whoa, I learnt something new today
    Thanks for sharing

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    Very nice guide, thanks you very much!
    I think they won't give R6 chroma prisms anymore? are they going to replace them with R7 prisms?
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    best reward personal win strake 300 ... don't risk atack only enemy base . you atack base without atacking protector first .
    try to get 20 alliance victories

    And try to get some sleep

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    I'll go without sleep if they give R7 Chroma Prisms

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    Very good and nice guide.
    Sharing the screenshot is a good way of displaying the scout result.
    I proposed to tap to add a button to the battle screen which posts the most important data to the alliance channel.
    Another way is to make the details of an enemy public to all alliance members after anyone from the alliance has attacked him.
    Currenly non of the last two solutions are implemented.

    For the activity concern. If the overall alliance activity level during the war is low, you cannot get double rewards individually because you cannot win the war alone. This is a common issue below position 600 on the alliance top list. Below 1000 you can win a war alone.

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    are you sure about 606 battles max? i think it is more. do you count until 23:49? you start a battle at 22:49 but you have 1 more hour which is 8 more supplies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donatello View Post
    are you sure about 606 battles max? i think it is more. do you count until 23:49? you start a battle at 22:49 but you have 1 more hour which is 8 more supplies.
    8 supplies per hour 72 hours (full lenght) = 576
    32 supplies given at the begining
    Total 808. Since last war starts at max 22:45 it ends at 23:45 (+ some 5..6 min eventually due to matching delay) so we have to deduct at least 2 supplies given in last 15 min.
    Therefore theoretical maximum is 606 (or with lot of luck, 607)
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