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Thread: Wormhole Event

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    Wormhole Event

    Wow did they turn up the difficulty factor or what

    Died twice on zone 10. I'm level 88, almost 22 Million power and lost against a level 49 opponent

    Don't have Lilly yet

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    The displayed enemy level means nothing if you are in Infinite Cosmos. Literally nothing, it is just there to insult you (ha ha, you have to use credits to defeat this level 49 ship). Kinda how the ship class icons are a joke, since you find some ships labeled striker have shield, while ships labeled protector have none. For a strategy game, there is surprisingly very little you can actually strategize about, unless you pay to try again

    Use multi-attack lockers (Elsa, Frost, Lily) for best results. No free daily reset, so save credits until the final day, or better yet, use no credits at all.
    time's up.

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    Thank you for a great reply

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