Greetings! In order to provide you with better gaming experience, we have adjusted and optimized some VIP privileges. The optimization details are as follows:

1. Cancelled VIP limit for five functions:
No Equipment Enhance CD;
Auto Upgrade in Research Center;
Auto Speed Up in Armor Reshape;
The unlock of 6th Module Slot;
Lock Attributes in Module Adjustment.

2. Cancelled VIP limit for the following functions, but players will still have to reach Lv.20 before they can be used:
Equipment Auto Enhance;
Auto Collect in Citadel;
Skip function in Primary and Elite Battles

3. Rush function is now unlock-able at Lv.16.
Besides that, we have also optimized or adjusted privileges for certain VIP levels. Commanders, please enter the "Get Credits" interface for details.

The before mentioned adjustments have already been performed in-game. If you encounter any in-game problems, please contact our support. We will do our best to solve any issues that you may encounter! Enjoy the game and have fun!

Galaxy Legend