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    Commander Focus #28: Caroline

    Gamma Ray Burst
    Single attack, deals 200% S-ATK damage and 1.5M holy damage to the target; then deals 230% of the previous total damage to the enemy with the lowest HP (ignores defense); increases own accumulator by 100 and activates a BUFF to increase Dodge by 80% for the caster and a friendly ship with the lowest HP percentage (except the caster), lasting for 1 round.


    I don't know if the term IMBA is known by you guys, but I think for now it's a good term to describe Caroline. IMBA is used for something in a game that is too strong compared with the other things; something unbalanced. I believe for most of the players Caroline means exactly this. When she fires her special most of the time she wins the battle alone and this happens even among the top players. I've seen a lot of battles where Caroline could beat alone even 3 or 4 SS commanders and that's why I believe she is too strong. She is so strong that I thought for the whole week she was released about not getting my ss commander and get her instead, but the SS is a onetime thing and came with a great dark commander and Caroline will be mine as soon her next event begins.

    Caroline is great for all the events in the game. She is crazy for PVP, crazy for Primus, crazy for Primus Invasion, Crazy for IC, she is definitely a must have. I've seen her being used with tremendous success in all kind of events. Her dodge is incredible and her holy damage is a real pain.

    The thing I don't like about Caroline is that she turned a lot of fights in a "gamble game" and not a strategic game. We all could see in last CCC battles that were decided in the luck factor: "Whose Caroline will hit the other sooner to win the match?". She is extremely strong and I'll definitely by her, but I think the game lost a few in strategy again.

    So this time I'll focus more on how to try to counter Caroline, because she is just so strong that you would not like to read a full article with me writing that she is really strong in each individual event because she can just dodge everything. Really, she is great for all events and until they don't release a more interesting real counter instead of Dor you all should get her.

    Let's start with some counters. The first and more obvious one is Dor. At +7 Dor is already good against her giving 60% hit rate and also 60% critical chance. At +10 Dor gives exactly 80% hit rate and critical, so the hit rate counter the 80% dodge Caroline gives. The problem with Dor is that he has old attributes and low damage. Also as he is already an old commander most of people probably weren't investing augumentation and aerosiderites on him, so even now that we don't lose materials to revert we still lose 20% of the siderites and we have risk to fail while augumenting beyond +7. Paired with Caroline Dor is gets really interesting, as he has a very high dodge. Fristert and Jane are examples of players that used/uses this counter very efficiently.

    Star Lord is also a counter for Caroline, but depends on the formation. If Star Lord fires before Caroline and hit her he can avoid her to fire special and your team can kill her before she gets "untouchable". Also if Star Lord fires special before Caroline and even after he has a nice chance to kill her with the reflection, but your Star Lord needs to have a close amount of HP as Caroline. Another way Star Lord can help to counter Caroline is when he fires special after her and plunders 20 acc, so she can't fire special in next round. A counter to this counter is pairing Caroline with Louise, so even if Star Lord removes 20 acc from her Louise will give her 25 acc. Also Louise can prevent Caroline from dying for the reflected damage and give Caroline enough acc to fire her special even when she was hit by Star Lord.

    Another not very effective way to counter her is using commander with high hit rate. Although even Sturdy with a tremendous hit rate misses her most of the time. Sky and Dark Sky also have very high hit rate and they misses her a lot. So only natural hit rate is not very effective as a counter. Sky and Dark Sky can remove acc from Caroline even if they miss her if she is in their fire target. Although this isn't super effective, as she can still recover acc when she hits a target and normally her dodge buff lasts enough for her to recover the acc and fire again.

    Lyle, Dark Lyle and now Burglar Kate are interesting to be used against Caroline, specialty the first one that recovers 100 acc for himself. As they have drain hp skill they can "cause damage" even if they miss their target.

    The counter I normally use is "fire first and kill her fast", but normally the chance to hit her is 33% or 66% even using a cross attacker. Caroline is very resistant, so this tactic is hard to use. With my Dark Sky if Caroline is alone in the first line I have only 33% chance to hit her, as she can be in the left, center or right and I need to choose only one of them to start.

    Caroline is also a counter to Caroline and to her counters. She is so strong that even to counter her you need to be smart. As Caroline hits one target and after she hits again you need to consider that if she kills her first target she will hit another target even stronger, so if her counter is the 4th commander with most hp she will kill him/her even if he/she is hidden. For example: let's say you have flagship with 10mi HP, Stratus with 12mi HP, Dor with 11mi HO, Raksha with 12mi HP and Fearsome Devil with 12mi HP. If she hits flagship and oneshot him she will automatically kill Dor, as he is the one with the 4th higher HP.

    A last consideration is that I'm scared to see the next counter to this crazy commander. How strong will be a commander to counter such a strong commander that can be used in all the events with sucess?

    And what about your opinion? Are you ready to buy Caroline? Are you having nightmares with her killing your fleet alone? Do you like her? Do you hate her? Even if you have her do you think she shouldn't be in the game? Let's discuss about this must have commander!

    See you in the Galaxy!
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