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Thread: Planet Exploration 2017-05-09 (7 days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
    Yes you are right! We have the same commanders but mine are little child compar to yours
    Just a question beside, on what ship do you affect Krill in your common pvp fleet? SL or Azrael?
    I don't know how Nachteule puts his Krill +7, but for me, my Star Lord often dies from Caroline (and killing her in return), so I am not sure Krill on SL would be useful for me as Krill doesn't get the chance to activate in the next round (being main commander dead), on the other hand, for me, Azrael, often gets hammered in round 1 and with Krill often revives again with full accumulator in round 2 to shoot his special again (not sure if the opponent's weakened state will carry on to the 4th round or not as i often skip the battle)
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    Well I have both Star Lord and Azrael as well and have used Krill on both. All depends a bit on how strong both are and my Star Lord is stronger hence thanks to Castor's Eye II it did help as well to keep SL around with Krill activating as well. But before that I used Krill on Azrael which did great as well...
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    I'm runing krill+7 on azrael at the moment and I made him at the third shooter instead of Fitz because now azrael is a weak +1 sheep when Fitz is +7 and so he can withstand more attacks.

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