Planet Exploration 2017-05-09 (7 days)

My apologies first. No screen shot of formation and accumulator status as I am on a road trip so did a quick one.

1) Only 1 (one) free revive - this is not a bug
2) Loose first shot in Wave 2.
3) Wave 8 opponents start to have full accumulator.
4) With alliance abandoned 860M fleet (Incendos, Fitzgerald, Alfred, Stratus, Flagship, all +7, sage cabin upgrades) with about 3M HP died at wave 8
5) With my own 1.2B 6.8M HP fleet (Star Lord+8, Azrael +7, FD +8, Ursa +7, Flagship +5, sage & King cabin upgrades except Flagship) my commanders were pretty much one shot killed at wave 12 by Cabal (position 1) & after paying 200 credits for 1 paid revive, Lily (position 3)