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Thread: Pandora Power Core Return Changed for Ship Reverting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
    GREAT NEWS for ALL players!

    Players will get ALL cores back when using revert!


    Now I can try my DarkBoris which I would never do not being this change ...
    Nice for you and maybe tap will put again the event with dark commanders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
    Thank you Nachteule for this clarification, I had no idea as I never had crystals to make any +8.
    .. so the announcement is spot on..

    so as a general consequence, the need for Ship-class chips will go up, people will have more cores
    I think it is very good move from TAP ... they might profit definitively not just us players
    I see this as win-win. On players side more flexibility because of removal of these tremendous extra costs for purchasing a new commander just to reach previous commander's augmentation level. On tap4fun's side I think happier players will result in less quits and the budgets will just move to other gaming areas not be shortened.

    And with Power Cores being a lifetime achievement now (except for augmentation fails) I suppose more players will go for new commanders and invest every now and then when they reach the second last chest without DNA drop... .
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    Quote Originally Posted by CalicoGray88 View Post
    Great to be able to recycle resources for augmentation
    Opens up new possibilities like focusing on buying new Cmdrs and augmenting them without having to spend credits on replenishing Cores...

    So where's the Sting?
    Frankie, your take on this?
    How is Tap4Fun gonna benefit?
    As Nachteule mentioned, this is a real Win-Win for both sides (both players and Game developer).
    Fore sure players who:
    - have high agumented commanders (+8 to +15)
    - who frequently go after newly released commanders
    - who would like to try diferent commandrs / strategies in Arena or Wormholes
    at the end they will not loose cores, so less cost on their side ..
    so Players will have more cash/credits to spend on new releases and this will fuel the game economy and Tap will profit.

    So win-win? .. sure, pay to win principle will be actually amplified and gap between weaker/ stronger will be even magnified... because lost of cores for players who go for +15 and start again WAS huge,... now? they will be back on +15 with their new commander IMMEDIATELLY
    and for those who cannot afford new commanders, they bite the dust as always because new OP commanders have such a strategic advantage for next 3-4 months ...

    but if you dont care about rankings (as me) and meeting monsters in Pandora .. its great news for lower-end (no spending- up to month card) players too, you can try different things and enjoy the game even more ... thanks for it...

    My case, I have Geofrey +7 still dont have or cant afford replacement but got Dark Boris, I know he is not much better, I will not upgrade MC ..but at least I can have fun to try something ...
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    One of the best things done by Tap
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    This is a very good move. And i can now safely revert without feeling a loss
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